Prognostic and predictive validation of molecular markers in rare diseases

Dr. rer. nat. Rene Schmidt

Weitere beteiligte Personen:
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Faldum

BMBF Gesundheitsforschung (2010-2012), Eigenmittel

Laufzeit: seit 2009


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Kreitz K, Ernst A, Schmidt R, Simon T, Fischer M, Hero B, Berthold F (2019). A new risk score for patients with first recurrence of stage 4 neuroblastoma aged ≥18 months at first diagnosis. Cancer Medicine 8(17): 7236-7243.

Rosswog C*, Schmidt R*, Oberthuer A, Juraeva D, Brors B, Engesser A, Kahlert Y, Volland R, Bartenhagen C, Simon T, Berthold F, Hero B, Faldum A, Fischer M (2017). Molecular classification substitutes the prognostic variables stage, age, and MYCN status in neuroblastoma risk assessment. Neoplasia 19(12): 982-990. * These authors contributed equally