Curriculum Vitae

Currently                                  AG Brunotte, Institute of Molecular Virology

March 2021-now                      Member of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes

Sept. 2017-now                        Medical School at the University of Münster (8th Semester)


I`m am currently working on my medical thesis in the Institute of Virology, which is supported by a doctoral scholarship from the German Cancer Aid. I try to explore the oncolytic potential of the low pathogenic Influenza A virus PR8 within non-small-cell human lung cancer explants. The overall aim is to translate previous findings within a mouse model into human ex-vivo cultured tumor tissue.


Oncolytic influenza A virus (PR8), Plaque assay, immunohistochemistry, histology

Publications and Awards

Kumar, S., Çalışkan, D. M., Janowski, J., Faist, A., Conrad, B. C. G., Lange, J., Ludwig, S., and Brunotte, L. (2021) Beyond Vaccines: Clinical Status of Prospective COVID-19 Therapeutics, Front Immunol 12, 752227.