Central Biobank of the Medical Faculty of Münster (ZBB-MFM)

The medical faculty operates a central biobank (ZBB) in cooperation with the UKM. At several locations on campus, cooling devices are available for the quality-assured storage of biomaterials at different temperatures (-20 to -180 degrees). They enable researchers to store liquid or tissue samples from research projects, studies or materials collected under 'Broad Consent' or to apply for existing samples for analyzes in the context of research projects. You can find further information and documents under the tabs "Biobank, User, Subject, Documents" visible above.

Are you interested in storing biomaterial samples in the ZBB?
Would you like to apply for samples from the biobank for analysis?
Do you have any questions about planning biomaterial storage?

Please contact:
or Tel: 0251/83 - 5 99 71