Department of Regenerative Musculoskeletal Medicine

The patient care takes place in the Waldeyerstr. 1, in the same building as the Clinic for Trauma, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery, allowing for the use of the infrastructure there. You can find details of our clinical range of services in the "For patients" section or here:


Translational Regenerative Medicine

Our department - with the new Chair for Translational Regenerative Medicine – focuses on the research of healing and regeneration disorders of the musculoskeletal system under special conditions such as age, trauma, osteoporosis, chronic inflammation, diabetes or other diseases.

Our goals are to improve experimental and clinical research on musculoskeletal diseases, to network and to implement the latest research results as quickly as possible for the benefit of patients in clinical care.

The research area of our department is located in the Institute for Musculoskeletal Medicine. With an interdisciplinary team of clinicians and scientists, we combine excellent basic research with modern, innovative diagnostic and special operative and conservative therapy concepts at the highest university level.