Prevention portal

The internet portal „Präventionsportal Münsterland“ offers regional prevention providers a platform to present their prevention measures properly to all those interested. Interested parties are able to obtain information about diseases, prevention measures and suitable therapies via this portal. Furthermore, the management of own medical data, protected by the data protection concept A by the TMF, and the provision of data to selected physicians is offered.

On the basis of the entered data health risks are automatically computed and the prospect is informed about context based diagnostic and therapeutic aid if applicable.

Due to the prevention portal it is possible to obtain current information about diseases, their risks, therapies and prevention measures. All this leads to a sensitization for the quality of medical information on the internet. In addition, suggestions on one’s own health risks are made based on the medical data provided without consultation of a physician.

The portal allows an improved communication between the patients and medical specialists. Hence, a better education and a faster diagnosis are possible. Because of the education about diseases and their risk factors medical problems can be earlier identified or even entirely eliminated. All in all, a region wide improvement of provided prevention measures, measured against the individual need of the patients, is encouraged.

At the moment the portal is developed prototypically and shall be used in a productive stage later on. During the time of prototype the use and the usage is evaluated. In the long-run, an improvement of preventive medicine in the region is expected by the use of the portal.

Contact: Dr. Michael Storck