Identifying mechanism of rhabdoid tumor transformation

Single-cell RNA sequencing is a new technique which has become widely used in bioinformatics since it enables the analysis of the transcriptome at the resolution of each single cell composing a tissue. One of the great advantages is the possibility to study cellular heterogeneity, which is a crucial feature in cancerous tissues. In collaboration with the Klinik für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin Pädiatrische Hämatologie und Onkologie (Dr. Kerl), we aim at studying and characterizing different pediatric tumor entities, with main focus on rhabdoid tumor. Using single-cell RNA sequencing on different pre-clinical tumor models, we are interested in investigating the mechanisms that lead to the development of these malignancies, characterizing the cellular composition of the tissues and studying developmental pathways of specific subgroups of cells.

Funding number: 70113653, 70113668