Our Research was/is supported by the following funding organisations:

German Research Foundation (DFG):

  • "Studies on the role of organic cation transporter 3 (SLC22A3/OCT3) as a histamine transporter and on the pathophysiological significance of its interaction with the tetraspanin CD63" (G. Ciarimboli 2021-2024).

  • "Membrane transporters as mediators of toxicities induced by chemotherapeutic agents" (G. Ciarimboli, A. Am Zehnhoff-Dinnesen, M.M. Rinschen, 2017 to 2021).

  • Analysis of  the proteom of organic cation transporters: Importance and role for function and regulation" (G. Ciarimboli and E. Schlatter; 2008 to 2011)


  • "Mechanisms of Cyclosporin A induced toxicity in the medullary collecting duct"
    (B. Edemir and E. Schlatter; 2008 to 2011)
  • :"Mechanism of the diuretic effect of atrial natriuretic peptide and new possible therapeutic approaches for hyponatriemia and SIADH"
    (E. Schlatter, H.-J. Schurek und B. Edemir; 2010 bis 2013)

German Cancer Aid:

  • "Organic cation transporters as mediators of  Cisplatin-induced nephro- and ototxicity"
    (G. Ciarimboli, A. am Zehnhoff-Dinnesen, H. Jürgens; 2009 to 2012)

Innovative Medical Research, IMF Münster:

  • "Molecular mechanisms of adaptation of renal collecting duct cells to tonicity changes and their alteration by immuno-suppressiva"
    (B. Edemir; 2009)
  • "Charakterisierung des RAN-binding-protein-3 like" (B. Edemir; 2010)