The accent of the wide-scaled support provided by Clinic Invent lies in its attention to the needs of the scientists, who are the potential inventors. Frequent visits to the scientists, personal consultation and guidance during the research projects as well as helpful advice and information on patent rights are designed to awaken the scientists' awareness of patent rights and patenting possibilities in the in the long-run.

Clinic Invent insures a high quality of the patent applications and a higher success in their marketing through its systematic control of the scientific results in connection with patent and marketing relevant subjects and ideas, for example on the basis of publication-screen. The scientists develop a longer lasting awareness of patents, and the the Medical Faculty a patent orientated working climate.

This all-around support provides the following advantages for scientists and the Medical Faculty of the Westfälische Wilhelms University Münster:Structuring of an internal patent network to coordinate patents and licenses within the Medical Faculty

  • Increase the number of patent applications through counseling during the scientific projects and by carrying out publication-screens
  • Increase the marketable patent applications
  • High quality of the patent applications while taking into consideration  economic aspects
  • Successful marketing of the patent applications /patents, i.e. through licensing or sale
  • Financial profit for clinics and inventors through commercialization