In vitro toxicity screenings are fundamental for the risk-benefit assessment of new chemical entities and (nano-)materials. The size dependent applications and functionalities of nanomaterials also bring up particle size dependent toxicological issues. The biomedical technology center of the medical faculty Münster has wide proficiencies in toxicological research, explicitly in the area of engineered nanomaterials. Next to the standard colorimetric assays (LDH, WST8, and DCF), label-free bio imaging technologies are applied to investigate on in vitro cytotoxicity. In order to assess diverse toxic effects of nanomaterials on tissues and organs, the biomedical technology center cultivates a broad range of eukaryotic cell lines.

Complications and interferences of nanoscale materials on colorimetric and fluorescence based assays demand further development of established methods and research on the suitability of new technologies for toxicological assessment of nanomaterials. Especially label-free imaging is applied by the biomedical technology center as a potent new method to investigate on nanotoxicology.