Research WG Dr. Omid Abbasi

BrainGoMo: A Mobile Neurofeedback Platform

BrainGoMo is a team of scientists and students from the University of Münster and are developing a mobile Neurofeedback Platform. It is a smartphone-based neurofeedback system for children and young people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). We aim to provide home-based neurofeedback training supplementary to the regular training at clinics. Hence, we give high importance to the supervision and control by clinicians throughout the training sessions and the flexibility and personalization for patients.

The Braingomo-Neurofeedback Platform consists of the mobile EEG system as the hardware and a smartphone app as well as a webserver for the software. The hardware includes the most delicate dry electrodes and amplifier and thus facilitates high-quality data outside of clinics. The connection between the smartphone app and the webserver provides the clinicians with supervision and control over training sessions and training reports while patients train using their smartphone app.

We are developing the Braingomo-Neurofeedback Platform based on our years of experience in neuroscience and psychology, the latest scientific and technological developments in neurofeedback and mobile EEG systems and notably the exchange with clinicians as well as patients and their parents who have expertise in the neurofeedback treatment for ADHD.

BrainGoMo project has been funded by EFRE.NRW since October 2021.