The Core Unit "Preclinical Imaging eXperts" (PIX) of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Clinical Research (IZKF) provides access to multimodal  Imaging Technologies for cooperative research in a highly integrated structure.

We offer:

  • Integrated expertise through a project consulting service to tailor the application of imaging tools to the scientific questions of research partners
  • Integrated workflow for efficient multimodal imaging and data analysis
  • Support for animal license applications or amendments, and support in regulatory affairs concerning genetically modified organisms
  • Interdisciplinary training for scientists and technicians
  • Quality control of project management, imaging workflow, data analysis, data logistics, and training.

The PIX-Flyer provides an overview of the services provided and can be downloaded HERE

Multimodal imaging of bone structure, metabolism, inflammatory activity and lesion volume in a mouse model of osteomyelitis (T. Pap, J. Roth).

Typical workflow

In a first meeting with the board of imagers the collaboration partner presents the research topic, scientific question and expectations from molecular imaging. Investigators will be introduced to the facility, followed by demonstration of the techniques. Potential imaging strategies to answer the scientific question will be discussed under consideration of applying already established versus development of novel methods/tracers and requirements with respect to animal handling (impact on disease model, animal license, logistics, genetic safety level, biosafety and such). Typically a pilot experiment is initiated with a few animals. On successful completion of these measurements, further consultations will be carried to discuss the main project.
Costs: for members of the medical faculty only consumables have to be covered. Costs for non-faculty members (University of Münster and beyond) have to be discussed individually. Fees are available upon request.

Mouse Imaging Academy – MIA
Annual hands-on workshop at the University of Münster

An interdisciplinary team invites you to join a training course on state-of-the-art imaging of mice including μPET/μSPECT, μCT, μMRI, mouse ultrasound and optical imaging. A special emphasis is on specific in-depth practical training sessions and interactive imaging data analysis. Individuals with experience in small animal imaging as well as beginners are welcome to join the workshop!