PhD and Masters students

Our institute is seeking highly motivated PhD and Master students to study biophysical and cell biological aspects of cellular organization and dynamics. Our lab is an interdisciplinary mix of biologists, physicists and computer scientists. We combine classical molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology and genetics with high-end light microscopy, quantitative image analysis and mathematical modeling. Our studies in yeast, bacteria and mammalian systems address fundamental features of cell organization and signaling, such as self organization, feedback control or active transport. We currently focus on various aspects of cell cortex organization, including cortical actin dynamics, acto-myosin networks, plasma membrane organization and cell polarization.

We offer a scientifically inspiring environment with great opportunities for collaborative projects at the interface of different disciplines. Interested candidates should have a background in biochemistry, cell biology, biophysics or bioinformatics /computational biology, a good working knowledge of English, well-developed communication skills, and a strong motivation to work in an international team on exciting topics in cell biology. Please send your CV, including a cover letter that describes your ambitions and motivation to work with us. For any questions, feel free to contact Roland Wedlich-Söldner via phone or email.


Postdoc applications are welcome at all times. We usually expect candidates to provide their own funding but will provide help with applications for fellowships. As such applications need to be arranged well in advance, please contact us in due course.