Polygenic Scores for Adult Testosterone and SHBG Levels Are Associated With Reproductive Hormone Levels in Male Infants

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Linking PGS of adult Testosterone and SHBG levels with levels in male minipuberty


Bi-allelic variants in INSL3 and RXFP2 cause bilateral cryptorchidism and male infertility

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Demonstrating the autosomal recessive inheritance of INSL3- and RXFP2-related bilateral cryptorchidism

AMH concentrations in infancy and mid-childhood predict ovarian activity in adolescence: A long-term longitudinal study of healthy girls

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Linking AMH levels in early childhood with AMH levels in childhood an adolescence

A Biphasic Pattern of Reproductive Hormones in Healthy Female Infants –The COPENHAGEN Minipuberty Study

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Two peaks of minipuberty in girls

Dynamic Changes in LH/FSH Ratios in Infants with Normal Sex Development

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An excellent sex discriminator in healthy infants

Dynamic changes of reproductive hormones in male minipuberty: Temporal dissociation of Leydig- and Sertoli-cell activity

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Benchmark paper on male minipuberty

Cohort profile: The COPENHAGEN Minipuberty Study-A longitudinal prospective cohort of healthy full-term infants and their parents

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Cohort Paper: Copenhagen Minipuberty study -  ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT02784184

Trends in the Incidence of Central Precocious Puberty and Normal Variant Puberty Among Children in Denmark, 1998 to 2017

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Significant rise of prec. puberty incidence over the past 20 years

Genomic analysis of male puberty timing highlights shared genetic basis with hair colour and lifespan

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Largest GWAS on male puberty to date

Using human genetics to understand the disease impacts of testosterone in men and women

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Largest testosterone/estrogen/SHBG GWAS to date

Worldwide secular trends in age at pubertal onset assessed by breast development among girls: a systematic review and meta-analysis

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Secular trends in age at pubertal onset

Heritability of pubertal timing: detailed evaluation of specific milestones in healthy boys and girls

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Is pubertal timing of the father associated with pubertal timing of his daughter - and mother/son? 

Large-scale GWAS reveals insights into the genetic architecture of same-sex sexual behavior

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Voice break in boys—temporal relations with other pubertal milestones and likely causal effects of BMI

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Causal effect of BMI on male pubertal timing using MR

Circulating MKRN3 Levels Decline During Puberty in Healthy Boys

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MKRN3 as "brake of puberty" in boys