Transcranal Magnetic Brain Stimulation

In addition to transcranial Electric Stimulation (tES) we use transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to (temporarily) manipulate the functionality of the human brain.
Thereby a changing magnetic field inducts a electric current having a minimal local distribution in targeted brain regions.
Thereby a coil functioning as magnetic field generator is placed near the subject's head.
Specifications TMS Device

Model: MagPro R30
Manufacturer: MagVenture GmbH, Willich, Germany
Coil: figure-eight Coil Type MC-B7
Supplementaries: EEG-Filter, Theta Burst Stimulation, external Triggering option, Super Flex Arm


The TMS- / Neuro-Navigator is primarily used to achieve optimal spatial accuracy during transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).
Based on information about the (brain) anatomy of the test participants (MR, CT, etc.) and the target area of the stimulation,
the navigator can be used to determine the optimal spatial position of the stimulation coil and guide the examiner in positioning it.

Specifications TMS- / Neuro-Navigator

Model: TMS Navigator Value Edition
Manufacturer: Localite GmbH, Bonn, Germany
Camera: Polaris Vicra Tracking Camera
Supplementaries: several head, device and calibration tracker sets, pointer set, foot switch, connection set for Magventure TMS device, software modul for EEG sensor tracking