Helium Liquefier Unit

Since November 2013 the IBB operates a stand-alone liquefier unit in order to recapture and liquefy the helium boil off gas  continuously evaporating from the Neuromagnetometer system.
The obtained liquid helium is collected in a storage dewar included in the unit and is transferred back to the MEG system. Doing so approximately 70 % of the demand on liquid helium is covered by this process.
Apart from the financial profit the decision to install such a unit on our place was mainly driven by oecological reasons.

Specifications Components Helium Liquefier

  • Cold Head, Storage Dewar and Control Interface:
    • Model: ATL 160
    • Manufacturer: Quantum Design Inc., San Diego, USA
    • Dewar Capacity: 160 l
    • Liquefaction Rate: appr. 11.5 l per day (gas provided with atmospheric pressure)
  • Back Pressure Regulator:
    • Model: 1314-101
    • Manufacturer: Quantum Design Inc., San Diego, USA
  • Compressor Unit:
    • Model: CNA-61D
    • Manufacturer: Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd., Tokyo, Japan