Importance of biophysical properties for the development, maintenance, regeneration and diseases of the peripheral nervous system

G. Rosso, V. ShahinWe investigate the diverse, so far poorly understood roles of the microenvironment’s biophysical properties in the development, maintenance and regeneration of the peripheral nervous system at the tissue (nerves), cellular (e.g. glial cells, neurons) and molecular (proteins) levels. We are also interested in the implications of impaired microenvironment’s biophysical properties for inflammatory demyelination neuropathies.
  • Mechanosensitivity of Schwann cells and neurons

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  • Simultaneous combination of AFM and confocal microscopy to study biomechanics ...

    and functional integrity of myelinated nerve fibres

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  • Relationship between structure and biomechanics of myelinated nerve fibres

  • Links between PNS neuropathies (PMP22-associated) and impaired biomechanics-structure of nerve fibre

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