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10 representative papers

  1. Sixt, M., Kanazawa, N., Selg, M., Samson, T., Roos, G., Reinhardt, D. P., Papst, R., Lutz, M. B. and Sorokin, L. (2005). The conduit system transports soluble antigens from the afferent lymph to resident dendritic cells in the T cell area of the lymph node. Immunity  22, 19-30.
  2. Agrawal, S., Anderson, P., Durbeej,  M., van Rooijen, N., Ivars, F., Opdenakker, G.,  and Sorokin, L. M. (2006). Dystroglycan is selectively cleaved at the parenchymal basement membrane at sites of leukocyte extravasation  in experimental autoimmune  encephalomyelitis.  J. Exp. Med. 203, 1007-1019
  3. Wu, C, Ivars, F., Andersson, P., Hallmann, R., Vestweber, D., Nilsson, P., Robenek, H., Tryggvason, K., Song, J., Korpos, E., Loser, K., Beissert, S., Georges-Labouesse, E.  and Sorokin, L. (2009). Endothelial basement membrane laminin 5 selectively inhibits T lymphocyte  extravasation into the brain. Nature Medicine  15, 519-527. Highlighted in Nature Reviews Neurology 5, 351 (July 2009), and Nature Reviews Immunology 9, 391 (June 2009).
  4. Enzmann, G., Mysiorek, C., Y-J., Gorina, R., Cheng, Ghavampour, S., Hannocks, M-J., Prinz, V., Dirnagl, U., Endres, M., Prinz, M., Beschorner, R., Harter, R., Mittelbronn, M., Engelhardt, B. and Sorokin, L. (2013). The neurovascular unit as a selective barrier to polymorphonuclear granulocyte (PMN) infiltration into the brain after ischemic injury. Acta Neuropathologica 125, 395-412
  5. Song, J., Lokmic, Z., Lämmermann, T., Rolf, J., Wu, C., Zhang, X., Hallmann, R., Hannocks, M., Horn, N., Ruegg, M. A., Sonnenberg, A., Georges-Labouesse, E., Winkler, T.,  Kearney,  J. F., Cardell, S. and Sorokin, L. (2013) . The extracellular matrix of secondary lymphoid organs impacts on B cell fate and survival. PNAS 110, E2915-2924.
  6. Gerwien, H., Hermann, S., Zhang, X., Korpos, E., Song, J., Kopka, K., Faust, A., Wenning, C., Gross, C. C., Honold, L., Melzer, N., Opdenakker, G., Wiendl, H., Schäfers, M., Sorokin, L. (2016) Imaging matrix metalloproteinase activity in multiple sclerosis as a specific marker of leukocyte penetration of the blood-brain barrier. Sci. Trans. Med. 8, 364ra152. Highlighted in Nature Review Neurology online Nov 25 2016, doi:10.1038/nrneurol.2016.183.
  7. Di Russo, J., Luik, A-L., Yousif, L., Oberleithner, H., Hofschröer, V., Klingauf, J., van Bavel, E., Bakker, E. N.T.P., Hellstrand, P., Bhattachariya, A., Albinsson, S., Pincet, F., Hallmann, R. and Sorokin, L. (2017). Endothelial basement membrane laminin 511 is essential for shear stress response. EMBO J. 36, 183-201. doi: 10.15252/embj.201694756.
  8. Zhang, X., Wang, Y., Song, J., Gerwien, H., Chuquisana, O., Chashchina, A., Denz, C. and Sorokin, L. (2020). The endothelial basement membrane - a check point for entry of pathogenic T cells into the brain. J. Exp. Med. 217 (7), e20191339, doi: 10.1084/jem.20191339.
  9. Liu, J.,  Long, H., Zeuschner, D., Räder, A.F.B., Polacheck, W.J., Kessler, H., Sorokin, L., and Trappmann, B. (2021). Synthetic extracellular matrices with tailored adhesiveness and degradability support lumen formation during angiogenic sprouting. Nat Commun. 12, 3402; doi 10.1038/s41467-021-23644-5.
  10. Burmeister, M., Fraunenstein, A., Kahms, M., Gerwien, H., Despande, T., Kuhlmann, T., Gross, C. C, Wiendl, H., Klingauf, J., Meissner, F., Sorokin, L. (2023). Secretomics reveals novel gelatinase substrates at the blood-brain barrier that are implicated in astroglial barrier function. Science Advances 9, eadg0686. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.adg0686.