• Welcome

    Dear Colleagues,

    Wewanttocelebrate 10 yearsofSmall Animal MRI in Münster. On theoccasionofthe 10thanniversaryofthe Experimental MR Group at the Department of Clinical Radiology at the Medical Faculty Münster, weinviteyoutojointhe1st Small Animal MRI Symposium.

    This symposiumisintendedtocreate a platformforexchange in the European smallanimal MRI community. The focusis on presentationanddiscussionoflatestresults, majordevelopmentsandfuturedirections in thefieldofsmallanimal MRI. Furthermore, wewanttoestablish a forumforexchangeanddiscussionoftechnicalproblemsandtheirsolutions, regardinghardwareandsoftware, instrumentation, andparticularchallengesofanimalexperimentation. Forthispurposethesymposiumaims at gatheringrepresentativesandcontributionsfrom all groups in Europe andbeyond, working on smallanimal MRI.

    Weareexcitedtoorganize a stimulatingmeetingandlookforwardtowelcomingyou in Münster.

  • Confirmed Speakers

    We are happy to announce these well-known representatives of major research topics in small animal imaging as speakers.
  • Registration & Abstracts

    Registration isfreeofcharge.

    Weinvitescientificcontributionsaspostersorshort oral presentations. Youarewelcometosubmit a one-page abstract(PDF) foroneofthefollowingtopics:

    • MRI Molecular Imaging
    • Cell Tracking by MRI
    • Multimodal MRI – PET/MR
    • Multimodal MRI – opto-fMRI
    • Methods for Neuroimaging
    • fMRI & Networks
    • Cardiac MRI
    • MRI in Oncology
    • MR Spectroscopy
    • MRI in Zoology

    Deadline for free registration is May 4th, 2018.

    Registrations and abstract submissions via email may be send to sams.2018@uni-muenster.de with the subject ”SAMS2018-registration“ or ”SAMS2018-abstract“.

  • Housing & Transportation


    The symposiumwill takeplace at the University Hospital Münster, Germany. Conference venuesarethelecture hall L30 in thelecture hall building (A6, green) andtheTranslational Research Imaging Center (TRIC, A16, green), on Albert-Schweitzer-Campus 1, D-48149 Münster.

    Travel by car

    From North and South (A1): Leave highway A1 at exit 77 "Münster Nord". Follow B54, turn right on Orléans-Ring and then right on Domagkstraße. The "Parkhaus Coesfelder Kreuz" is on your left. Parking is free of charge. From there it's a 5 minute walk to the lecture hall.

    Travel by public transportation

    From Münster Hauptbahnhofbuslines 11, 12, 13 and 34 runevery 10 minutesto "Domagkstraße" andline 14 every 20 minutesto "Chirurgie". Tickets for public transportation can be bought from the bus drivers. A single ticket is € 3.10.


    Hotel capacities in Münster unfortuantely are limited. We suggest to make reservations early. These hotels are conveniently located in walking distance to the venue.Hotel JellentrupHotel Mövenpick
  • Scientific Program

    Thursday 7th June 2018                 

    11:00 -12:15       Registration & Poster mounting

    12:25 -12:30       Opening             

    12:30 -14:30       Scientific session: Multimodal MR and Molecular Imaging

    Uwe Himmelreich (KU Leuven):  Simultaneous and synchronized acquisition of PET-MRI in rodents 

    Verena Hoerr (FSU Jena/TRIC): Experimental MRI in infectious and cardiovascular disease models

    Dominik von Elverfeld (LAU Freiburg):  4D Flow MRI in mice

    Moritz Wildgruber (TRIC):  Molecular Imaging by combined MR and mass spectrometry imaging

    14:30 -15:00       Coffee Break and Discussion

    15:00 -16:30       Scientific session: Neuroimaging – Animal Models & Methods

    Mathias Hoehn (MPI Cologne):  Functional and structural networks in brain disease and treatment

    Sven Meuth (Neurology, WWU Münster): Longitudinal structural and functional dynamics of white matter pathways and networks driving functional adaptation with behavioral correlates during de- and remyelination.

    Luisa Ciobanu (NeuroSpin, CEA):  Metabolic Functional Imaging at High Magnetic Field

    16:45 -17:45       Anniversary Ceremony

    Welcome address of the Deanery

    Walter Heindel (IKR, Münster): TRIC - from Vision to Reality

    Cornelius Faber (TRIC):  10 Years Small Animal MRI at TRIC

    17:45 -19:00       Reception at the TRIC (with Posters)



    Friday, 8th June 2018      

    08:30 -10:00       Poster Session

    10:15 -12:15       Scientific session: Methods for Neuroimaging – opto-fMRI

    Markus Rudin (ETH Zurich): fMRI in mice - analysis of functional networks

    Albrecht Stroh (JGU Mainz):  From correlations to causality: Combining high-field fMRI, optogenetics and optical calcium recordings for the interrogation of slow oscillations

    Xin Yu (MPI Tübingen):  Revisit the neuro-glial-vascular interaction underlying the fMRI signal

    Rolf Pohmann (MPI Tübingen): Concurrent fMRI and intrinsic optical imaging spectroscopy with high resolution at ultra high field

    Lydia Wachsmuth (TRIC): Optical recordings and control during fMRI experiments

    12:15 -13:15       Lunch Break

    13:15 -15:15       Scientific session: Translational Aspects of MRI

    Claudia Oerther (Bruker): PET/MRI Technology

    Ulrich Flögel (HHU, Düsseldorf): 19F Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Unmasking Biomedical Hot Spots from the Background

    Michael Schäfers (EIMI, Münster): What can we learn from PET/MRI of small animal models?

    Ralf Reilmann (GHI, Münster):  What can we learn from MRI of animal models in Huntingtons Disease?

    Mark Ladd (DKFZ Heidelberg):  What can we learn from human imaging at UHF?

  • Sponsors

    We thank our partners for their generous financial support!

    Bruker BioSpin MRI GmbH, EttlingenRAPID Biomedical GmbH, Rimpar