Aktuelle Themen der Neuropathologie

Jeden Dienstag um 14:30 Uhr findet eine Projektvorstellung statt.
Dabei berichten die wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter des Instituts über neue Erkenntnisse ihrer aktuellen Forschungsprojekte. Interessierte Zuhörer sind willkommen.

Progress Report - Institute of Neuropathology - Tuesday 2:30 p.m. - Video Conference

The Progress Report currently takes place as a zoom video conference. Please request the current video link via email from ralf.mersmann@ukmuenster.de or volker.senner@ukmuenster.de

Daniela Costa: Project presentation

Dorothee Spille:
1) Meningioma treatment - effect of Decitabine on primary meningioma cell lines
2) Molecular bases of PPIX fluorescence in meningioma

Niklas Woltering: DNA methylation profiling of central nervous system hemangioblastomas identifies two distinct subgroups

Raquel Guerrero González: Functional remyelination and neurorepair by multi-modal biomaterial system in a cuprizone in-vivo model of MS

Laura Schmitz-Gielsdorf: Impact of immune cells on oligodendrocytes and remyelination

Farina Windener: Pharmacological modulation of human oligodendrocytes: Promotion of oligodendroglial differentiation and remyelination

Marie Helene Sieper: Investigating the role of TEX genes in male infertility using Drosophila melanogaster models

Christian Thomas: Metagenomic Sequencing using Oxford Nanopore

Henry Robbert: A return to publication autonomy? An analysis of the formation, performance, and sustainability of independent open access journals in biomedicine

Elif Nur Yilmaz: Testing the efficacy of drug-loaded scaffolds to treat cortical pathology in MS: Identification of a suitable animal model

Wiebke Kessler: Does microglia activation in MS result in premature aging of oligodendrocytes and impaired oligodendroglial functions and contributes to disease progression?