3.1 pH regulatory transporters in PDAC

The aim of the project on "pH regulatory transporters in PDAC" that is led by Stine F. Pedersen and Ivana Novak is to elucidate the roles in PDAC of the potent H+ and HCO3- transporters highly expressed in pancreatic ducts such as H+ ATPases, Na+/H+ exchangers and Na+-HCO3- cotransporters. Their function in PDAC progression will be studied in relation to the micro-environment defined by hypoxia, low pHe, low glucose, low serum, high lactate.

3.2 Cl- and K+ channels in PDAC growth and chemotherapy resistance

The “Cl- and K+ channels in PDAC growth and chemotherapy resistance” is led by Else K. Hoffmann and Ivana Novak. The aim of this project is to elucidate the roles of Cl- channels (specifically cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator, CFTR, and Ca2+ activated Cl- channels of the TMEM16 family) and TASK-2 K+ channels in PDAC. Particular focus will be on the roles of these channels in cell death/survival and proliferation balance as well as on their role in chemo-resistance.

3.3 Role of P2X receptor-ion channels in PDAC progression

The project “Role of P2X receptor-ion channels in PDAC progression” is led by Ivana Novak and Stine F. Pedersen. This project will explore the role of P2X receptors in altered H+ and Ca2+ transport and cell proliferation/death balance in tumor progression. The project will thereby bridge between projects focusing on pH regulatory transport proteins and those centered on ion channels/transporters.

Intracellular Calcium signals in single Capan-1 cells in response to exogenous stimulation with ATP .