2. Carbonic anhydrase function in relation to pH regulation

The project "Carbonic anhydrase function in relation to pH regulation" is lead by Pawel Swietach and Richard Vaughan-Jones (UOXF).CO2/HCO3plays a central role in pH homeostasis by acting as a major intra- and extracellular pH-buffer and as a source of substrate for HCO3-dependent pH-regulating transporter proteins. The ability of CO2/HCO3 to serve these roles can be limited by its inherently slow reaction kinetics. Many cancer types have been linked with the expression of extracellular-facing carbonic anhydrases (CAIX, CAXII) which catalyseCO2/HCO3 inter-conversion. The project will study CA function in relation to spatial pH regulation in spheroids derived from wild-type and CAIX/CAXII transfected pancreatic cell-lines.

HCT colon cancer cells imaged using a confocal microscope.  The surface membrane was labelled with fluorescein tagged to wheat germ agglutinin (green), the cytoplasmic pH dye carboxy-SNARF-1 (red) and the nucleus labelling dye Hoechst 33342 (blue).