The Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine (IMM) is an interdisciplinary translational research institute that focuses on the topics surrounding 'Musculoskeletal Medicine'. Our institute firstly integrates the various research focuses of the University of Münster Medical Faculty (currently: FSP Inflammation and Infection, FSP Cell Differentiation, Regeneration and Neoplasia, also in perspective: FSP Neural Systems and FSP Vascular System) while additionally functioning as a scientific core unit and translational interface for 'Musculoskeletal Medicine', providing a base to the network of clinical facilities and centers related to the musculoskeletal system.

With this dynamic structure, largely unique within Germany, the IMM is organised through several closely cooperating professorship headed departments, featuring two purely research based chairs and two translational research focused chairs. The translational departments feature both as scientific workgroups within the IMM and as independent clinical departments focused on translational medicine. In addition, further areas of scientific and methodological expertise are incorporated within the IMM as core facilities.

This integration of basic and translational research allows the IMM to provide opportunities for clinical and research scientists to conduct research projects, by providing permanent or temporary rotation positions, access to university funding and opportunities for third party funded projects. 

Our team of approximately 70 employees, consisting of university professors, scientists (senior scientists, postdocs, Ph.D students), visiting researchers from Germany and abroad, students (from the departments of medicine and biology), technical assistants and clinicians, works on numerous projects in an exciting research environment, contributing state of the art scientific data that is published in high impact journals.

In addition to project funding from industry, associations and research foundations, the IMM also participates in central group funding consortia and initiatives within the Medical Faculty, such as the CiM Excellence Cluster and IMF, as well as in national multi-centre research consortia funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) such as SPPs (1468 Immunobone, 2084 uBone)and research groups (FOR 2722) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

You can find more details about our departments, core facilities, projects and publications on the following pages.