Seminar Biomedical Informatics

High-throughput sequencing (high throughput sequencing, HTS) is becoming increasingly important in medicine, it is fundamental in biological research or in personalized medicine. HTS allows sequencing of millions of DNA fragments in less time and at steadily declining costs. One of the important applications of HTS in cancer research is the detection of mutations in the DNA of cancer cells.

The advances in sequencing technology require new bioinformatic algorithms for processing and analysis of vast amounts of data. The seminar aims to provide students insight into this new and exciting field of Research and to acquaint with algorithms for sequence alignment and selected methods for the analysis of high-dimensional data from HTS experiments.
Students will summarize a scientific article from the latest research in a written report and present in a lecture. The seminar is aimed at students in computer science or mathematics (Master). Medical or biological knowledge is not required.

Dr. Sarah Sandmann-Varghese, Prof. Dr. Xiaoyi Jiang, Dr. Carolin Walter, Michael Fujarski, Linda Ebbert

The seminar is offered in the summer semester 2022

In case of questions please eMail at Dr. Sarah Sandmann-Varghese

Seminar room, Institute of Medical Informatics

Target group:
Computer science students (Master) and Mathematics (Master) and computer science