CORD-MII: Collaboration on Rare Diseases as part of the Medical Informatics Initiative

In the joint project "Collaboration on Rare Diseases (CORD-MI)" in the Medical Informatics Initiative (MII) of the BMBF, twenty German university hospitals and other partners are committed to improve care and research in the field of rare diseases. As a data sharing partner, the Institute for Medical Informatics in Münster, in cooperation with the University Hospital, prepares its routine data that it has collected from routine care of patients with rare diseases. It analyzes this data with the software provided by the Medical Informatics Initiative and makes the results available to the partners of the use case for research purposes in compliance with data protection regulations. The data analyzes are intended to help researchers and medical professionals to better understand, recognize and treat rare diseases.

For further information please visit the project’s website

Contact: Dr. Michael Storck

Project number: FKZ 01ZZ1911A