With the introduction of the electronic health insurance card (dt. elektronischen Gesundheitskarte - eGK) new opportunities for future patient care arise. For the first time it is possible to create an emergency data set (dt. Notfalldatensatz – NFD ) and a dataset of personal statements (dt. Datensatz Persönliche Erklärungen - DPE) and store them on the eGK. In case of emergency physicians thereby can get access to these datasets, which contain information about medical history, medication or about the place where patients provisions are kept. Storing of these data on the eGK is optional for the patients and requires their consent.Prior to further testing and ultimately nationwide implementation, the project NFDM-Spring explores how well the process of creating NFD and DPE for physicians works using their practice or hospital information systems and identifies where is still room for improvement. For this project neither emergency nor personal statement data are stored on the eGK yet.

The Institute of Medical Informatics is assigned in NFDM-Sprint with the tasks of creating concepts for transport and storing of the pseudonymized data and establish necessary IT structures, like the research database, for data privacy compliant storing and processing of data.

Additional information can be found of the official project homepage.