Interdisciplinary school - 3D Genomics 2020

Interdisciplinary School in 3D Genomics: from experiments to models and back.

Interdisciplinary school - 3D Genomics 2020

Date: November 23rd - 26th 2020
Location: Virtual

The folding of chromosomes inside the cell nucleus plays an essential role in the regulation of genome functions. However, the underlying biological and physico-chemical mechanisms are still poorly understood, empeding any reliable quantitative predictions of genome organisation and activity changes when subject to perturbations or diseases. "3D Genomics" addresses such questions and now represents a booming field due to the recent development of high-resolution and high-throughput experimental approaches. Due to the inherent complexity of experimental data, this domain of biology benefits greatly from physical modelling and statistical data analyses. During the last decade, spectacular advances in the understanding of the coupling between genome structure and functions have been obtained thanks to the interaction of these different scientific disciplines. This conference aims at enhancing such interdisciplinary communication in 3D Genomics.

Our CRU326 member and principal investogator Juanma Vaquerizas will give a talk on “Chromatin Conformation in Development and Disease” - don't miss this ace event!

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