ESHRE Journal Club @Twitter

The 7th edition of the ESHRE Journal Club will start Friday November 27th at 17.00 CET on Twitter.


Join and discuss the paper of Du Fossé et al, 'Advanced paternal age is associated with an increased risk of spontaneous miscarriage: a systematic review and meta-analysis'. 

CRU326 PI Dr. Sandra Laurentino (P6) is invitied as one of two experts for this event!


Connect yourself and engage in the conversation by using the official hashtag #ESHREjc.
How to join the discussion?

1. Read the paper here
2. Sign in to your Twitter account and make sure you follow @eshre
3. Be ready for the discussion on Friday November 27th at 17.00 CET
4. Follow the hashtag #ESHREjc to see the conversation
5. Comment and engage by using the hashtag #ESHREjc


We are highly looking forward to this exciting and unique event!

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