"5th annual MGSE-Symposium: Evolutionary Medicine"

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Am 20. und 21. Oktober 2015 (Di/Mi) findet das "5th annual MGSE-Symposium: Evolutionary Medicine" der Münster Graduate School of Evolution statt.

"The MGSE Symposia series was launched in February 2011 with a first interdisciplinary graduate students’ symposium. Since then, the annual symposium has become a major event which provides the MGSE doctoral students with the opportunity to present and discuss their ongoing PhD projects. Their presentations and posters are embedded into contributions from scientists of the MGSE research groups and public lectures by internationally renowned guest scientists."

Einen Flyer mit dem vollständigen Programm finden Sie hier.

Gastvorträge (Hörsaal S1, Schloss):
Dienstag, 13.45 Uhr
Edward Hagen, Department of Anthropology, Washington State University, US
"Recreational substance use: does drug toxicity explain more than drug reward?"

Dienstag, 14.45 Uhr
Ted Morrow, Ecology, Behaviour and Environment Group, University of Sussex, GB
"The evolution of sex differences in disease"

Mittwoch, 10.15 Uhr
Frank Rühli, Institute of Evolutionary Medicine, University of Zurich, CH
"Evolutionary Medicine: when the past teaches the living doctors"

Die Gastvorträge werden öffentlich gehalten. Alle Interessierten sind willkommen.

Schlossplatz 2
48149 Münster

Nördliches Kavaliershäuschen
Schlossplatz 6
48149 Münster

Die Online-Anmeldung (hier klicken) ist bis zum 16. September geöffnet.

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