Science Day 2013 - IZKF sponsors two travel grants

Left to right: Prof. Dr. T. Pap (IZKF Board), K. Eikmeier, M. A. Paar (Foto: IZKF Münster)

At the annual Science Day of the Faculty of Medicine, 41 doctoral candidates presented their doctoral theses in the form of a poster and presented their study to a panel of experts consisting of professors from the faculty. 16 PhD students were selected to present their research results in the form of a short presentation. The six best presentations received a certificate and a check valued at 400 Euros. For the first time, the IZKF Münster awarded two travel grants to be used for travel to a national or international congress for the two best short presentations valued at 500 Euros each.

The winners were:
Kristin Eikmeier (Institute of Neuropathology: „Die molekulare Pathogenese von atypischen/teratoiden  rhabdoiden Tumoren“
Moritz Alexander Paar (Institute of Physiology II): „Erhöhte Salzsensitivität bei alten Mäusen - Rolle des epithelialen Natriumkanals im Aortenendothel“