The BiDirect-Study

Research on the correlation of vascular calcification and mood
Dear proband, on this page we would like to provide some background information on the BiDirect-Study as well as explanations on the procedures of our study.

The BiDirect study team

We are looking forward to your visit!

Appointments and contact

For arranging appointments please contact Martina Zimmerling, the secretary for the study. She is available by phone 0251 / 83 - 57581 from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Outside these office hours it is possible to leave a message. By e-mail the study team is reachable around the clock.

Information concerning the day (before) you participate in our study

You can have your usual meals ahead of the study. But please abstain from coffee and black tea if possible.Please put on comfortable clothes and consider wearing several layers so that you are able to put off thick tops during the examination. Please avoid bodices and tights.Please don’t paint your finger or toe nails on the day of the study participation.You can take your medicine as usual on the day of participation. Please bring along the wrappings of all the medications that you have taken during the last seven days before participating in the study. Alternatively you can also bring a list of these medicaments containing the name, dosage information and fabricator of each of them.Please take your glasses (for farsightedness and shortsightedness) with you.The time passed between participating in the study and the last time you have consumed alcohol or have been to a sauna should be at least 24 hours. In the last 12 hours before the examination, please avoid excessive sports training.

How to reach us

The study centre is situated in the building of the former medical clinic (Domagkstraße 3). Due to limited parking space we recommend coming either by public transport or by bike. For detailed information regarding your journey please check this page:Anreise-Informationen.Having reached our building just go or take the elevator to the 2nd floor and turn left. You will find our registration desk behind the glass doors on the right side at the end of the corridor.