Thursday | 29.09.2022

13:00    Registration, welcome snack

13:45    Welcome
Frank Ulrich Müller, Dean of the Medical Faculty, WWU Münster

              Stephan Ludwig, Chairman, Interdisciplinary Centre for Clinical Research (IZKF) Münster

Scientific Session I

14:15    Keynote: Anton G. Henssen, Berlin
Extrachromosomal DNA in cancer

15:00    Stefanie Bobe, Münster
Volumetric imaging reveals VEGF-C-dependent formation of hepatic lymph vessels in mice

15:15    Diana Bracht, Münster
Autosomal-recessive mutations in TP73 lead to respiratory disorder and lissencephaly

15:30    Carolin Drost, Münster
Endothelial glycocalyx disruption in sepsis and COVID-19 – a translational approach

15:45    Coffee break

Breakout Session

16:15    Networking – Clinician Scientist Programme Coordinators

 Scientific Session II

16:15    Manuel Winkler, Mannheim
Endothelial GATA4 deficiency causes perisinusoidal liver fibrosis by impaired angiocrine signaling

16:30    Anne Albers and Christian Thomas, Münster
Rapid bacterial identification from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded neuropathological specimens using 16S rRNA gene nanopore sequencing

16:45    Alexander Runkel, Freiburg
Non-invasive monitoring of soft-tissue sarcoma response to neoadjuvant radiotherapy by quantification of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) and multiparametric MRI (mpMRI)

17:00    Coffee break


Funders Session

17:15    Alexander Lehmann, EKFS

18:05    Anke Deggerich, DFG

19:00    Münsterländer Get-together

Friday | 30.09.2022

08:30    Check-in

09:00    Welcome
Michael Andreas Schäfers, Speaker, Clinician Scientist Program CareerS, WWU Münster

Session ClinSciNet: Gestalte Deine Zukunft aktiv mit!

09:15    Jennifer Edelmann, Göppingen, Julia Bungenberg, Aachen, Carl Grabitz, Hannover
ClinSciNet: Unsere Initiative und Visionen für das Berufsbild Clinician Scientist

09:40    Miriam Pittet, Medizinischer Fakultätentag
Der Medizinische Fakultätentag: Mission Forschung und Lehre

09:50    Workshops zu den Themen: Networking, Karriereperspektiven und Qualifikationsnachweise

Scientific Session III

11:00    1-Minute Poster Pitches

11:15    Poster Session I

12:15    Michael Günther, München
Bacterial Lipopolysaccharide as a Negative Predictor of Adjuvant Gemcitabine Efficacy in Pancreatic Cancer

12:30    Dilvin Semo, Münster
Impaired reverse transendothelial migration capacity of diabetic CD14++ monocytes drives a subluminal accumulation in atherosclerosis

12:45    Theresa Nägler, Jena
Reverse Warburg effect contributes to disease progression in Multiple Myeloma

13:00    Lunch

Scientific Session IV

14:00    Keynote: Josef Leibold, Tübingen
Harnessing senescence to treat cancer – my journey as a physician scientist

14:45    Coffee break


15:00    Katja Martinewski
Authentisch verhandeln
Breakout session: Meeting of the CS coordinators

16:30    Transfer to the city center (public transportation)

17:00    Guided city tour

18:00    Dinner Networking über den Dächern

Saturday | 01.10.2022

08:30    Check-in

Scientific Session V

09:00    Franziska Peters, Münster
Sphingolipid metabolism orchestrates epidermal stem cell fate – potential insights into eczema initiation

09:15    Felix J.B. Bäuerlein, Göttingen
Investigating health and disease at molecular resolution with Cryo-Electron-Tomography

09:30    Kerstin Menck, Münster
Extracellular vesicles as novel biomarkers in oncology

09:45    1-Minute Poster Pitches

10:00    Coffee Break & Poster Session II


11:00    Viktoria Leonhard
Erfolgreiche Teamführung

12:00    Take away lunch

13:00    Announcement of poster and talk awards
Concluding Remarks