Selected Publications

Sundermann  B., Feldmann R., Mathys  C., Rau Johanna M.H., Garde S., Braje A., Weglage J., Pfleiderer B.
Functional connectivity of cognition-related brain networks in adults with fetal alcohol syndrome.
BMC Medicine (2023) 21:496 (DOI)

Gurgoglione FL, Solinas E, Pfleiderer B, Vezzani A, Niccoli G.
Coronary atherosclerotic plaque phenotype and physiopathologic mechanisms: Is there an influence of sex? Insights from intracoronary imaging.
Atherosclerosis. 2023 Sep 18:117273 (DOI)
Epub ahead of print

Beutter C, Zeller K, Martens U, Pfleiderer B*, Fegeler C*
User-Centered Development of a Mobile App to Assess the Quality of Life of Patients With Cancer: Iterative Investigation and Usability Testing
JMIR Cancer 2023;9:e44985 (DOI)
*equally contributing authors

Gurgoglione FL, Rizzello D, Giacalone R, Ferretti M, Vezzani A, Pfleiderer B, Pelà G, De Panfilis C, Cattabiani MA, Benatti G, Tadonio I, Grassi F, Magnani G, Noni M, Cancellara M, Nicolini F, Ardissino D, Vignali L, Niccoli G, Solinas E.
Precipitating factors in patients with spontaneous coronary artery dissection: Clinical, laboratoristic and prognostic implications.
Int J Cardiol, 2023; 385:1-7 (DOI)

Rau JMH*, Sundermann B*, Pfleiderer B, Dehghan‐Nayyeri M, Garde S, Weglage J, Feldmann R.
Inhibitory control in young adult women with fetal alcohol syndrome: Findings from a pilot functional magnetic resonance imaging study.
Alcohol Clin Exper Res, 2023; 47(3):600-612 (DOI)
* *shared first authorship

Juszczyk P, Sondern L, Pfleiderer B.
Introduction and evaluation of a clinical compulsory elective course on domestic violence.
GMS J Med Educ, 2022; 39(5):Doc56 (Article)

Pfleiderer, B.
Integration of gender aspects in medical teaching - a prerequisite for high-quality clinical medical research and care.
Krankenhauspharmazie, 2022; 43:367-369 (Article)

Darici D, Yüeh-Dan Schneider A, Missler M, Pfleiderer B.
Are stereotypes in decline? The portrayal of female anatomy in e-learning.
Anatom Sci Educ, 2022; 16(4):720-732 (DOI)

Dehghan Nayyeri M, Missler M, Ritterbach R, Sundermann B, Wulms N, Süer A, Dugas M, Pereira MP, Ständer S, Schmelz M, Pfleiderer B.
Altered resting-state functional connectivity of default mode network in brachioradial pruritus.
J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol, 2022; 36(11):2214-2223 (DOI)

Bregulla JL, Hanisch M, Pfleiderer B.
Dentists’ competence and knowledge on domestic violence and how to improve it – a review.
J Environ Res Public Health, 2022; 19(7): 4361 (DOI)

Vezzani A, Solinas E, Pfleiderer B, Ermio C.
A survey to assess the quality of sleep in female Italian physicians.
Ital J Gender-Specific Med, 2022; 8(2): 81-86 (DOI)

Sondern, L. & Pfleiderer, B.
The Challenge of Involving Medical Doctors as Important Frontline Responders in Fighting Domestic Violence.
Eur Law Enforcement Res Bull, 2021; 21: 141-150 (DOI)

Schoenefeld E, Marschall B, Paul B, Ahrens H, Sensmeier J, Coles J, Pfeiderer B.
Medical education too: sexual harassment within the educational context of medicine – insights of undergraduates.
BMC Med Educ 21, 2021; 81 (DOI)

Ramm M, Sundermann B, Gomes CAD, Möddel G, Langenbruch L, Dehghan Nayyeri M, Young P, Pfleiderer B, Axmacher N.
Probing the relevance of the hippocampus for conflict-induced memory improvement.
NeuroImage, 2021; 226: 117563 (DOI)

Sondern L, Pfleiderer B.
Why the integration of sex and gender aspects will improve Domestic Violence Risk Assessment.
Eur Law Enforcement Res Bull, veröffentlicht 2. Dezember 2020 (DOI)

Kunas SL, Hilbert K, Yang Y, Richter J, Hamm A, Wittmann A, Ströhle A, Pfleiderer B, Herrmann MJ, Lang T, Lotze M, Deckert J, Arolt V, Wittchen HU, Straube B, Kircher T, Gerlach AL, Lueken U.
The modulating impact of cigarette smoking on brain structure in panic disorder: a voxel-based morphometry study.
Soc Cog Affect. Neurosci, 2020; 15(8): 849-859 (DOI)

Sundermann B, Garde G, Dehghan Nayyeri M, Weglage J, Rau J, Pfleiderer B*, Feldmann R*.
Approaching altered inhibitory control in phenylketonuria: A functional MRI study with a Go-NoGo task in young female adults
Eur J Neurosci, 2020; 52(8): 3951-3962 (DOI)
*shared final authorship

Schreitmüller J, Pfleiderer B.
Care and communication in medicine. What role does gender play?
Neurology, 2020; 39(07/08): 468-476 (DOI)

Ridderbusch IC, Yang Y, Weber H, Reif A, Herterich S, Ströhle A, Pfleiderer B, Arolt V, Wittchen H-U, Lueken U, Kircher T, Straube B.
Neural correlates of NOS1 ex1f-VNTR allelic variation in panic disorder and agoraphobia during fear conditioning and extinction in fMRI
NeuroImage: Clinical, 2020; 27: 102268 (DOI)

Ramm M, Sundermann B, Gomes CAD, Möddel G, Langenbruch L, Nagelmann N, Dehghan Nayyeri M, Young P, Pfleiderer B, AxmacherN.
Reduced hippocampal recruitment during response conflict resolution in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy
NeuroImage, June 2020; 213: 116723 (DOI)

Yang Y, Lueken U, Richter J, Hamm A, Wittmann A, Konrad C, Stroehle A, Pfleiderer B, Herrmann MJ, Lang T, Lotze M, Deckert J, Arolt V, Wittchen HU, Straube B*, Kircher T*.
Effect of CBT on Biased Semantic Network in Panic Disorder: A Multicenter fMRI Study using Semantic Priming
Am J Psychiatr, 2020; 177(3):254-264 (DOI)
* shared final authorship 

Gechter J, Liebscher C, Geiger MJ, Wittmann A, Schlagenhauf F, Lueken Ulrike, Wittchen HU, Pfleiderer B, Arolt V, Kircher T, Straube B, Deckert J, Weber H, Herrmann MJ, Reif A, Domschke K, Ströhle A. Association of NPSR1 genotype variation and neural activity in patients with panic disorder and agoraphobia and healthy controls
NeuroImage: Clinical, 2019; 24:102029 (DOI)

Sundermann S, Dehghan Nayyeri M, Pfleiderer B, Stahlberg K, Jünke L, Baiec L, Dieckmann R, Liem D, Happe T, Burgmer M.
Subtle changes of gray matter volume in fibromyalgia reflect chronic musculoskeletal pain rather than disease-specific effects
Eur J Neurosci, 2019; 50(12): 3958-3967 (DOI) 

Ridderbusch IC, Richter J, Yang Y, Hoefler M, Weber H, Reif A, Hamm A, Pané-Farré CA, Gerlach AL, Stroehle A, Pfleiderer B, Arolt V, Wittchen HU, Gloster A, Lang T, Helbig-Lang S, Fehm L, Pauli P, Kircher T, Lueken U, Straube B.
Association of rs7688285 allelic variation coding for GLRB with fear reactivity and exposure-based therapy in patients with panic disorder and agoraphobia
Eur Neuropsychopharmacol, 2019; 29(10): 1138-1151 (DOI)

Mueller SM, Schmid Y,  Navarini A, Manjaly Thomas ZR, Pfleiderer B, Krähenbühl S.
Sex differences in the pharmacology of itch therapies - a narrative review
Curr. Opin. Pharmacol, 2019; 46: 122-142 (DOI)

Wessing I, Platzbecker F, Dehghan Nayyeri M, Romer G, Pfleiderer B.
Maternal perception of children's fear: A fMRI study in mothers of preschool children
Soc Neurosci, 2019; 14(6): 739-750 (DOI)

Dehghan Nayyeri M, Burgmer M, Pfleiderer B.
Impact of pressure as a tactile stimulus on working memory in healthy participants
PlosOne, 2019; 14(3): e0213070 (DOI)

Kunas S, Yang Y Straube B, Kircher T, Gerlach AL, Pfleiderer B, Arolt V, Wittmann A, Stroehle A, Wittchen HU, Lueken U.
The impact of depressive comorbidity on neural plasticity following cognitive-behavioral therapy in panic disorder with agoraphobia
J Affect Disord, 2019; 245: 451-460 (DOI)

Seeger F, Yang Y, Straube B, Kircher T, Höfler M, Wittchen HU, Ströhle A, Wittmann A5, Gerlach AL, Pfleiderer B, Arolt V, Hamm A, Lang T, Alpers GW, Fydrich T, Lueken U.
Clinical and neurofunctional effects of cognitive behavioral therapy on secondary social anxiety disorder in primary panic disorder: a longitudinal fMRI study
Psychother Psychosomat, 2019; 88: 48-51 (DOI)

Wittmann A, Schlagenhauf F, Guhn A, Lueken U, Elle M, Stoy M, Liebscher C, Bermpohl F, Fydrich T, Pfleiderer B, Bruhn H, Gerlach AL, Straube B, Wittchen HU, Arolt V, Heinz A, Kircher T, Ströhle A.
Effects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Neural Processing of Agoraphobia-Specific Stimuli in Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia
Psychother Psychosom. 2018; 87(6): 350-365 (DOI)

Sundermann B, Pfleiderer B, Minnerup H, Berger K, Douaud G.
Interaction of developmental venous anomalies with resting state functional MRI measures
Am J Neuroradiol, 2018; 39(12): 2326-2332 (DOI)

Hommers L, Richter J, Yang Y, Raab A, Baumann C, Lang K, Schiele M, Weber H, Wittmann A, Wolf C, Alpers G, Arolt V, Domschke K, Fehm L, Fydich T, Gerlach A, Gloster A, Hamm A, Helbig-Lang S, Kircher T, Lang T, Pané-Farré C, Pauli P, Pfleiderer B, Reif A, Romanos M, Straube B, Ströhle A, Wittchen HU, Frantz S, Ertl G, Lohse M, Lueken U, Deckert J.
A functional genetic variation of SLC6A2 repressor hsa-miR-579-3p upregulates sympathetic noradrenergic processes of fear and anxiety
Transl Psychiatry, 2018; 8(1): 226 (DOI)

Pfleiderer B, Bortul M, Palmisano S, Rodde S, Hasebrook J.
Improving female physician´s careers in academic medicine - chances and challenge
Best Pract Res Clin Anaesthesiol, 2018, (32)1: 15-23 (DOI)

Schreitmüller J, Becker J, Zsebedits D, Weskott M, Dehghan-Nayyeri M, Fegeler C, Heue M, Hochleitner M, Kindler-Röhrborn A, Pfleiderer B.
Development and initial Experience of an online Exchange Platform on Sex and Gender Aspects in Medicine: "GenderMed-Wiki"
GMS J Med Educ, 2018, 35(3): Doc32 (DOI)

Stumpf A, Pfleiderer B, Fritz F, Osada N, Chen SC, Ständer S.
Assessment of Quality of Life in chronic pruritus: Relationship between the ItchyQoL and DLQI in 1150 patients
Acta Derm Venereol, 2018, Jan 12; 98(1):142-143 (DOI)

Hasebrook J, Hahnenkamp K, Buhre WF, de Korte-de Boer D, Hamaekers AE, Metelmann B, Metelmann C, Bortul M, Palmisano S, Mellin-Olsen J, Macas A, Andres J, Prokop-Dorner A, Vymazal T, Hinkelmann J, Rodde S, Pfleiderer B.
Medicine Goes Female: Protocol for Improving Career Options of Females and Working Conditions for Researching Physicians in Clinical Medical Research by Organizational Transformation and Participatory Design
JMIR Res Protoc, 2017, 6(8): e152 (DOI)

Lueken U, Kuhn M, Yang Y, Straube B, Kircher T, Wittchen HU, Pfleiderer B, Arolt V, Wittmann A, Ströhle A, Weber H, Reif A, Domschke K, Deckert J, Lonsdorf T.
Modulation of defensive reactivity by GLRB allelic variation: Converging evidence from an intermediate phenotype approach
Trans Psychiatry, 2017, 7(9): e1227 (DOI)

Feder S*, Sundermann B*, Wersching H, Teuber A, Kugel H, Teismann H, Heindel W, Berger K, Pfleiderer B.
Sample heterogeneity in unipolar depression as assessed by functional connectivity analyses is dominated by general disease effects
J Affect Disord, 2017, 222: 79-87 (DOI)
*Equally authoritative first author

Sundermann B*, Bode J*, Lueken U, Westphal D, Gerlach AL, Straube B, Wittchen HU, Ströhle A, Wittmann A, Konrad C, Kircher T, Arolt V, Pfleiderer B.
Support vector machine analysis of functional MRI of interoception does not reliably predict individual outcomes of cognitive behavioral in panic disorder with agroaphobia
Front Psychiatry, 2017, 8: 99 (DOI)
*Equally authoritative first author

Stumpf A, Pfleiderer B, Schneider G, Heuft G, Schmelz M, Phan NQ, Ständer S, Burgmer M.
Distraction from itch shows brainstem activation without reduction of experimental itch sensation
Acta Derm Venereol, 2017, 97(9): 1074-1080 (DOI)

Diemer J, Zwanzger P, Fohrbeck I, Zavorotnyy M, Notzon S, Siling K, Arolt V, Domscjke K, Pfleiderer B.
Influence of single-dose quetiapine on fear network activity - A pharmaco-imaging study
Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry, 2017, 76: 80-87 (DOI)

Sundermann B, Feder S, Wersching H, Teuber A, Schwindt W, Kugel H, Heindel W, Arolt V, Berger K, Pfleiderer B.
Diagnostic classification of unipolar depression based on resting state functional connectivity MRI: effects of generalization to a diverse sample
J Neural Transm (Vienna), 2017, 124(5): 589-605 (DOI)

Zeidler C, Pfleiderer B, Ständer S.
New treatment options for chronic pruritus
Hautarzt, 2016, 67(8): 627-34 (DOI)

Yang Y, Lueken U, Wittmann A, Holtz K, Kleint NI, Hermann MJ, Sass K, Jansen A,  Konrad C, Ströhle A, Pfleiderer B, Lotze M, Hamm A, Deckert J, Arolt V, Wittchen HU, Kircher T, Straube B.
Neural correlated of individual differences in anxiety sensitivity: An fMRI study using semantic priming
Soc Cognit Affect Neurosci, 2016, 11(8): 1245-54 (DOI)

Dehghan M, Schmidt-Wilcke T, Pfleiderer B, Eickhoff SB, Petzke F, Richard HE, Montoya P, Burgmer M.
Coordinate-based (ALE) meta-analysis of brain activation in patients with fibromyalgia
Hum Bain Mapp, 2016, 37(5): 1749-58 (DOI)

Liebscher C, Wittmann A, Gechter J, Schlangenhauf J, Lueken U, Plag J, Straube B, Pfleiderer B, Fehm L, Gerlach AL, Kircher T, Fydrich T, Deckert J, Wittchen HU, Heinz A, Arolt V, Ströhle A.
Facing the fear - clinical and neural effects of cognitive behavioural and pharmacotherapy in panic disorder with agoraphobia
Eur Neuropsychopharmacol, 2016, 26(3): 431-44 (DOI)

Hermesdorf M, Sundermann B, Feder S, Schwindt W, Minnerup J, Arolt V. Berger K, Pfleiderer B, Wersching H.
Major Depressive Disorder: Findings of Reduced Homotopic Connectivity and Investigation of Underlying Structural Mechanisms
Hum Brain Mapp, 2016, 37(3): 1209-17 (DOI)

Stumpf A, Zerey V, Heuft G, Ständer S,, Pfleiderer B, Schneider G.
Itch perception and skin reactions as modulated by verbal suggestions: role of participant's and investigator's sex
Acta Derm Venereol, 2016, 96(5): 619-623 (DOI)

Bokko S, Zeidler C, Osada N, Riepe C, Pfleiderer B, Pogatzki-Zahn E, Ständer S.
Intraepidermal nerve fiber density is decreased in lesional and interlesional prurigo nodularis and reconstitutes by healing of lesions
Acta Derm Venereol, 2016, 96(3): 404-406 (DOI)

Weber H, Richter J, Straube B, Luecken U, Domschke K, Schartner C, Klauke B, Baumann C, Pané-Farré C, Jacob CP, Scholz CJ, Zwanzger P, Lang T, Fehm L, Jansen A, Konrad C, Fydrich T, Wittmann A, Pfleiderer B, Ströhle A, Gerlach AL, Alpers GW, Arolt V, Pauli P, Wittchen HU, Kent L, Hamm A, Kircher T, Deckert J, Reif A.
Allelic variation in CRHR1 predisposes to panic disorder by biasing towards fear
Molecular Psychiatry, 2015, 21(6): 813-821 (DOI)

Ruland T*, Domschke K*, Schütte V, Zavorotny M, Kugel H, Notzon S, Vennewald N, Ohrmann P, Arolt V, Pfleiderer B#, Zwanzger P#.
Neuropeptide S receptor gene variation modulates glutamatergic anterior cingulate cortex activity during CCK-4 induced panic
Eur Neuropharmacol, 2015, 25(10):1677-82, (DOI)
* Gleichberechtigte Erstautorenschaft
# Gleichberechtigte Letztautorenschaft

Warlich B, Fritz F, Osada B, Bruland P, Stumpf A, Schneider G, Dugas M, Pfleiderer B, Ständer S.
Health-Related Quality of Life in Chronic Pruritus: An Analysis Related to Disease Etiology, Clinical Skin Conditions and Itch Intensity
Br J Dermatol, 2015, 231(3):253-9, (DOI)

Luecken U, Straube B, Yang Y, Hahn T, Beesdo-Baum K, Wittchen HU, Konrad C, Ströhle A, Wittmann A, Gerlach AL, Pfleiderer B, Arolt V, Kircher T.
Separating depressive comorbidity from panic disorder: a combined functional magnetic resonance imaging and machine learning approach
J Affect Disord, 2015, 184:182-192, (DOI)

Becker JC*, Burghaus D*, Kappes K, Heue M, Liebelt A, Kindler-Röhrborn A, Pfleiderer B.
Warum Medizin studieren? Analyse von Beweggründen von Studierenden für die Entscheidung zum Medizinstudium / Why medicine? Analyzing students' motives for studying medicine
Dtsch med Wochenschr 2015; 140(21): e207-e216, (DOI)
* Gleichberechtigte Erstautorenschaft

Stumpf A, Ständer S, Warlich B, Fritz F, Bruland P, Pfleiderer B, Heuft G, Schneider G.
Relations between chronic pruritus characteristics and psychological comorbidities of chronic pruritus differ between males and females - females are more anxious than males
Br J Dermatol., 2015, 172(5):1323-1328, (DOI)

Ständer S, Pogatzki-Zahn E, Stumpf A, Fritz F, Pfleiderer B, Ritzkat A, Bruland P, Lotts T, Müller-Tidow C, Heuft G, Pavenstädt HJ, Schneider G, Van Aken H, Heindel W, Wiendl H, Dugas M, Luger TA.
Facing the challenges of chronic pruritus - a report from a multi-disciplinary medical itch center in Germany
Acta Dermato Venereol, 2015, 95(2):266-271, (DOI)

Burghaus B*, Becker JC*, Kappes K, Heue M, Kindler-Röhrborn A, Pfleiderer B.
Gender-specific aspects knowledge and gender sensitivity in medical education - an inventory study
*Gleichberechtigte Erstautorenschaft
Das Gesundheitswesen, Februar 2015, Internetportal, (DOI)

Hahn T, Kircher T, Straube B, Wittchen HU, Konrad C, Ströhle A, Wittmann A, Pfleiderer B, Reif A, Arolt V, Lueken U.
Predicting treatment response to cognitive-behavioral therapy in panic disorder with agoraphobia by integrating local neural information
JAMA Psychiatry, Januar 2015, 72(1):68-74 (DOI)

Straube B, Reif A, Richter J, Lueken U, Weber H, Arolt V, Jansen A, Zwanzger P, Domschke K, Pauli P, Konrad C, Gerlach AL, Lang T, Fydrich T, Alpers G, Ströhle A, Wittmann A, Pfleiderer B, Wittchen HU, Hamm A.
The functional - 1019C/G HTR1A polymorphism and mechanisms of fear
Translat Psychiatry, Dezember 2014, 4(12):e490 (DOI)

Pfleiderer B, Timo B, Stroux D, Ewert A, Konrad C, Gerlach AL.
Internal focus of attention in anxiety-sensitive females up-regulates amygdale activity - an fMRI study
J Neural Transm., November 2014, 121(11): 1417-28 (DOI)

Lueken U, Straube B, Wittchen HU, Konrad C, Ströhle A, Wittmann A, Pfleiderer B, Reif A, Arolt V, Kircher T, Deckert J.
Therapygenetics: anterior cingulate cortex - amygdala coupling is associated with 5-HTTLPR and treatment response in panic disorder and agoraphobia
J Neural Transm., Januar 2014, 122(1):135-44, (DOI)

Sundermann B, Olde Lütke Beverborg M, Pfleiderer B.
Toward literature-based feature selection for diagnostic classification: a meta-analysis of resting-state fMRI in depression
Front Hum Neurosci., September 2014, 8:692 (DOI)

Zwanzger P, Yassouridis A, Pfleiderer B
"Acute Shift in Glutamate-Concentrations Following Experimentally Induced Panic with Cholecystokinin-Tetrapeptide - A 3T-MRS Study in Healthy Subjects" - A reply to the letter of the Editor
Neuropsychopharmacol., Oktober 2014, 39(11):2707-2708 (DOI)

Straube B, Lueken U, Jansen A, Konrad C, Gloster AT, Gerlach AL, Strohle A, Wittmann A, Pfleiderer B, Gauggel S, Wittchen HU, Arolt V, Kircher T.
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Psychother Psychosom, 2014, 83(4):222-33 (DOI)

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Acad Radiol, 2014, 21(3):369-77 (DOI)

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Burgmer M*, Petzke F*, Giesecke T, Gaubitz M, Heuft G, Pfleiderer B.  (*gleichberechtigte Erstautorenschaft) 
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