Core Facility Genomics

Welcome to the Core Facility for high throughput genetics and genomics of the Medical Faculty, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster.
Our facility enables all state of the art applications and services. Please follow the links to become familiar with our possibilities or contact us.


For individual measurements

Individual Measurements - Sample intake form (PDF)


!Only! For NGS-projects with quote

Projects – Sample intake form  (PDF)

NGS – Sample table (Excel)


Scientific Administration
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Monika Stoll
Tel.: 0251 83 57206

Technical Administration
Dr. Anika Witten
Tel.: 0251 83 52992

Please contact Dr. Anika Witten for questions about offered services.

Dr. Andreas Huge
Tel.:   0251 83 58347

Nils Koppers
Tel.:   0251 83 52675

For information about our bioinformatic services, please contact

Wetlab CFG

Charlotte Pünt (Student Assistant)
Tel. Lab.:    0251 83 56293

Marianne Jansen-Rust (MTA)
Tel. Lab.:       0251 83 56293
Tel. Office:     0251 83 56175