Magnetoencephalography (MEG)

The facility operates a whole head neuro-magnetometersystem comprising 275 axial gradiometer sensors in a head shape helmet.
Each sensor is a superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID), an extremely sensitive type of magnetometer which enables us to measure the magnetic field generated by the human brain with a very high temporal resolution (< 1 ms).
The MEG system is placed in magnetically shielded room.

Specifications Neuromagnetometer-System

  • 275-channel cortical CTF MEG system (type WC 2005, manufacturer: VSM Medtech. Ltd., Vancouver , Canada)
  • adjustable for sitting and supine position
  • continuous head motion tracking,
  • fully integrated 128 channel EEG system for simultaneous MEG and EEG recordings
  • audio/video monitoring
  • eye tracking (EyeLink 1000 Plus, SR Research Ltd., Canada)
  • recording of peripheral physiological signals (EDA, respiration)
  • various response pads
  • ancillary equipment for auditory (electro-static ear inserts), visual (beamer projection, TFT), somatosensory (electrical, pneumato and hapto-tactile) stimulation
  • computer workstations with various stimulus control software packages (Presentation, Matlab, PTB)