Das HiNoon ZMBE Seminar zeigt aktuelle Entwicklungen in der Forschung der ZMBE-Mitglieder auf und findet jede zweite Woche um 12:00 Uhr im Hörsaal der Hautklinik statt.


19.01.'22Cell Dynamics and ImagingLena PrangeThe role of INF2 in cellular response to acute stress
02.02.Cell BiologyLieke GolbachMechanical stain activates planar cell polarity pathway in endothelial cells
16.02.VirologyJen KleinehrDependency of Influenza A Virus Replication on the Host Cell's Glucose Metabolism
02.03.Medical BiochemistrySonja ThölmannThe Role of the Cell Adhesion Receptor JAM-A in Collective Cell Migration
16.03.Cellular VirologyDominik van BodegravenConservation and consequences of human papillomavirus-heparan sulfate interaction
30.03.InfectiologyChristoph CichonAnalyzing Host-Microbe Interactions by means of 3D Cell Culture Systems
27.04.Experimental PathologyCelia Borja AlmarchaThe Rhythm of the Plaque: circadian oscillation in advanced atherosclerotic lesions
11.05.TRAMBoris SkryabinOptimizing the mouse transgenesis
25.05.Cell Dynamics and ImagingDuy DiepFunctional characterization of the conserved Lipid Droplet Organization (LDO) machinery
08.06.Cell BiologyFelix GunawanBuilding a healthy endocardium: tissue patterning and morphogenesis at single-cell resolution
22.06.VirologyFakry RamadanHypericum perforatum and Its ingredients hypericin and pseudohypericin demonstrate an antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2
17.08.TRAMDelf-Magnus KummerfeldThe non-coding RNAs of the Prader-Willi Syndrome locus
31.08.Experimental PathologyChang PanNeutrophils in Diabetes Induced Organ Damage
14.09.InfectiologyYuzhu GuoIdentification and characterization of the small proteins of the enteric pathogen Yersinia pseudotuberculosis 
28.09.Cellular VirologyKaan Oztürktba
26.10.Cell Dynamics and Imagingtbatba
09.11.Cell Biologytbatba
07.12.Medical Biochemistrytbatba


20.01.'21Medical BiochemistryNikita RajEarly endosome exocytosis facilitates plasma membrane repair in human endothelial cells.
03.02.Cellular VirologyMarina ReusHPV16 infection during wound healing.
17.02.InfectiologyPaweena ChaoprasidMolecular and functional analysis of the exotoxin CNFY ofYersinia pseudotuberculosis YPII during infection.
03.03.Experimental PathologyNew ZMBE Director Oliver SöhnleinTeam Soehnlein: past, present, and future.
17.03.Cell Dynamics and ImagingMarie HugenrothA systematic screen uncovers a new player in lipid droplet biogenesis.
14.04.Cell BiologyJan SchickEmploying a machine learning approach for the characterization of migrating cells in vivo.
28.04.VirologyVanessa GerltCellular protein phosphatase 2A orchestrates cell survival mechanisms in influenza A virus infection.
12.05.TRAMBoris SkryabinMouse Genome Editing using CRISPR/cas9.
26.05.Medical BiochemistrySebastian SchloerCholesterol - a host cell factor in viral infection
09.06.Cellular VirologyPia BrinkertEndocytic vacuole formation by WASH-mediated endocytosis (WASH-ME)
23.06.InfectiologyMarcel VolkControl the fight against the immune system:
The T3SS of pathogenic bacteria
18.08.Experimental PathologyCarlos RoigExtramedullary hematopoiesis give rise to neutrophil subsets
01.09.Cell Dynamics and ImagingFelix UeckerNovel functions for INF2
15.09.Cell BiologyZahra LabbafControl of progenitor cell motility and positioning during early organogenesis
29.09.VirologySwathi SukumarDeciphering the role of Nicastrin in influenza virus life cycle
27.10.Medical BiochemistryJonas GoretzkoThe late endosomal calcium channel TPC2 controls leukocyte recruitment
10.11.Cellular VirologyMatteo RizzatoMaster mitotic kinases regulate viral genome delivery during papillomavirus cell entry
24.11.InfectiologyIleana Salto

Small Open Reading Frames (sORF) in Yersinia pseudotuberculosis: prediction, validation and putative function

08.12.Experimental PathologyRaphael ChevreNeutrophil phenotype is shaped by organ-specific nutritional signals


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Das HiNoon ZMBE Seminar zeigt aktuelle Entwicklungen in der Forschung der ZMBE-Mitglieder auf und findet jede zweite Woche um 12:00 Uhr im Hörsaal der Hautklinik statt.


10.01.'18Cell BiologySargon YigitA model for studying cell-environment interactions affecting single-cell migration in vivo
24.01.VirologyHannah PreugschasThe role of the RAF/MEK/ERK signalling pathway in the life cycle of respiratory syncytial virus
07.02.Med. BiochemistryAnna Linard MatosNovel addressable cholesterol analogs for live imaging of cellular membranes
21.02.Institute of Cell Dynamics and ImagingEkaterina MenisCa2+-dependent function of Inverted Formin 2 in acute cell stress
18.04.Cell BiologyLieke GolbachRole of PCPs in collective cell migration
02.05.VirologyTim KrischunsTRIM28/KAP1 is a regulator of the innate immune response to highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses
16.05.Med. BiochemistryChristian HartmannCharacterization of a novel JAM family member
30.05.Institute of Cell Dynamics and ImagingSamet Bayraktar Structure-function analysis of disease-linked Mutations in the actin regulator INF2
27.06.Virus entryMatteo RizzatoMechanism and consequences of HPV16 L2-mediated mitotic prolongation
11.07.Cell BiologyMatthias BrandtEffect of endothelial mechanics on leukocyte guidance and transmigration
05.09.VirologyAndre Schreiber Viral activation of the Raf/MEK/ERK kinase cascade promotes nuclear export of viral ribonucleoproteins (RNPs) by regulating matrix protein binding to the RNPs
19.09.Med. BiochemistryAnna HolthenrichProteomic Analysis of Weibel-Palade Bodies via Proximity Mass Spectrometry
17.10.Institute of Cell Dynamics and Imagingtbatba
14.11.Cell Biologytbatba
12.12.Med. Biochemistrytbatba