Das HiNoon ZMBE Seminar zeigt aktuelle Entwicklungen in der Forschung der ZMBE-Mitglieder auf und findet jede zweite Woche um 12:00 Uhr im Hörsaal der Hautklinik statt.

20.01.'21Medical BiochemistryNikita RajEarly endosome exocytosis facilitates plasma membrane repair in human endothelial cells.
03.02.Cellular VirologyMarina ReusHPV16 infection during wound healing.
17.02.InfectiologyPaweena ChaoprasidMolecular and functional analysis of the exotoxin CNFY ofYersinia pseudotuberculosis YPII during infection.
03.03.Experimental PathologyNew ZMBE Director Oliver SöhnleinTeam Soehnlein: past, present, and future.
17.03.Cell Dynamics and ImagingMarie HugenrothA systematic screen uncovers a new player in lipid droplet biogenesis.
14.04.Cell BiologyJan SchickEmploying a machine learning approach for the characterization of migrating cells in vivo.
28.04.VirologyVanessa GerltCellular protein phosphatase 2A orchestrates cell survival mechanisms in influenza A virus infection.
12.05.TRAMBoris SkryabinMouse Genome Editing using CRISPR/cas9.
26.05.Medical BiochemistrySebastian SchloerCholesterol - a host cell factor in viral infection
09.06.Cellular VirologyPia BrinkertEndocytic vacuole formation by WASH-mediated endocytosis (WASH-ME)
23.06.InfectiologyMarcel VolkControl the fight against the immune system:
The T3SS of pathogenic bacteria
18.08.Experimental PathologyCarlos Roigtba
01.09.Cell Dynamics and Imagingtbatba
15.09.Cell Biologytbatba
27.10.Medical Biochemistrytbatba
10.11.Cellular Virologytbatba
08.12.Experimental PathologyRaphael Chevretba