Das HiNoon ZMBE Seminar zeigt aktuelle Entwicklungen in der Forschung der ZMBE-Mitglieder auf und findet jede zweite Woche um 12:00 Uhr im Hörsaal der Hautklinik statt.


08.01.'20InfectiologyAnne-Sophie StolleMembrane Stress Induces T6SS-Activity in P. aeruginosa
22.01.Cell Dynamics and ImagingAthul M Sivan Development of synthetic actin probes to characterize and modulate actin dynamics in cells
19.2.Cell BiologySwetha Raghuraman
The pressure-driven dynamics of the onset of invasion in 3D cancer spheroids
04.03.VirologyJanine Wilden Characterization of pathogen-host cell interaction after Staphylococcus aureus and influenza virus infection
09.01.'19Cell Dynamics and ImagingDaniel HaaseThe role of tetraspanners in plasma membrane organization
23.01.Cellular VirologyPia Brinkert Regulation of vesicle formation in a potentially novel actin-dependent endocytic pathway
20.2.Cell BiologyAdan OlguinPolarization of migratory cells in vivo
06.03.VirologyAmol PatilRole of influenza A virus NS1 serine 205 phosphorylation in virus replication
20.03.Medical BiochemistryTu NguyenPhosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphate (PI(4,5)P2) Dynamics in Weibel-Palade Body exocytosis
15.05.InfectiologyJessyca González"In vivtro" - a 3D cell culture system to analyse the impact of probiotic E.coli Nissle 1917 on epithelial cells
12.06.Cell Dynamics and ImagingAnnegret EltingCellular and molecular principles of lateral segregation in the plasma membrane
26.06.Cell BiologyKim Joana WesterichRegulation and function of granular germline components in vivo
10.07.VirologyAline da Rocha MatosDetermination of the antiviral potential of human IFN-α subtypes against influenza H3N2 infection in human lung explants
04.09.Med. BiochemistryJieny GröperLigand bias at the Formyl Peptide Receptors
02.10.Cell Dynamics and ImagingLaura Hockaday KangCells in a gunfight: Using dynamic imaging to understand radical damage protection and recovery during biofabrication
30.10.Cellular VirologyKun-Yi LaiRanBP10 facilitates nuclear import of Human papillomavirus type 16 potentially via intracellular transport
13.11.Cell BiologySadhana PanzadeThe role of Patronin during epithelial morphogenesis in Drosophila
27.11.VirologyVerónica A. FerrandoIn vitro reassortment and adaptation of Influenza A viruses circulating in swine
11.12.Med. BiochemistryArsila Ashraf Palliyulla KariatCa2+- Binding Proteins in Plasma Membrane Wound Repair