Core Projects

Z1: Visualizing neutrophils in context (Klaus Dreisewerd, Daniel Engel & Oliver Soehnlein)
Context-dependent neutrophil production, fate, migration and function is a central scientific question of this collaborative initiative. Using state-of-the-art imaging approaches, such as MALDI MSI and multiplex microscopy, in combination with innovative bioinformatics algorithms for the registration and analysis of the imaging data sets, we will here provide a powerful platform for all partner sites to visualize and analyse context-dependent neutrophil biology.

INF: Research data management and infrastructures for data integration, analysis, visualisation, and public outreach (Raimund Vogl)
This CRC will be dealing with very diverse types of data that are produced across basically all of the 20 projects at the five participating institutions at their geographically dislocated sites. The INF platform will support this CRC with professional research data management and long-term storage of research data. A state-of-the-art server-based approach to visualisation will allow for fast and efficient access to the aggregated data sets across all partner sites. Finally, in an outreach project, we will integrate available and generated data on neutrophils in a publicly available Atlas of Neutrophil Biology.