Seminar Series (Hybrid):

  • 16:00 Get together (refreshments and snacks)
  • 16:30 Flashlight talks
  • 17:00 Invited lecture

Journal Club

  • 17:00 - Via Zoom


Please contact trr332 (at) for Zoom details.


December 1, 2022flashlight talks B5 & C1
invited lecture by Ricardo Grieshaber Bouyer (University of Heidelberg)
Neutrophil heterogeneity in homeostasis and inflammation – lessons learned from mice and humans
MPI Münster lecture hall
December 8, 2022journal club B5/C1
December 15, 2022flashlight talks B1 & C2
invited lecture by Mo Lamkanfi (Ghent University), host: LMU
Inflammasome signaling in neutrophils
December 22, 2022journal club B1/C2
January 12, 2023flashlight talks A4 & A5
invited lecture by Laiguan Ng (Singapore Immunology Network)
Granulopoiesis: a daily balancing act
Universitätsklinikum Essen, MFZ, EG 0.005
January 19, 2023journal club A5/C6
January 26, 2023flashlight talks C7 & Z1
invited lecture by Tim Lämmermann (MPI Freiburg)
Neutrophils: Population Dynamics and Unexpected Cell Encounters in Inflamed Tissues
MPI Münster lecture hall
February 2, 2023journal club C7/Z1
February 9, 2023flashlight talks C3 & INF
invited lecture by Christine Josenhans (Max von Pettenkofer-Institut)
Title to be announced
February 16, 2023journal club C3/INF
February 23, 2023flashlight talk A1
invited lecture by Jose Maria Adrover (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)
Title to be announced
MPI Münster lecture hall
March 2, 2023journal club A1
March 9, 2023flashlight talk A2
invited lecture by Ilaria Malanchi (Francis Crick Institute)
Title t.b.a.
MPI Münster lecture hall
March 16, 2023 journal club A2
March 23, 2023flashlight talk A3
invited lecture t.b.a., host: UDE
March 30, 2023journal club A3
April 13, 2023flashlight talk A4
invited lecture by Renato Ostuni (San Raffaele Scientific Institute)
Transcriptional control of myeloid cell identity and activation
Universitätsklinikum Essen, MFZ, EG 0.005
April 20, 2023journal club A4
April 27, 2023flashlight talk A5
invited lecture by Theodore Alexandrow (EMBL Heidelberg)
Title and location t.b.a.
May 4, 2023journal club A5
May 11, 2023flashlight talk A6
invited lecture by Clement Cochain (University of Würzburg)
Innate immune cell diversity and dynamics in myocardial infarction
LMU München
May 25, 2023journal club A6
June 1, 2023flashlight talk A7
invited lecture t.b.a., host: LMU
June 15, 2023journal club A7
June 22, 2023flashlight talk B1
invited lecture by Richard Kitching (Monash University, Australia)
Autoimmunity against neutrophils: how pathophysiology implies effective immunotherapies
LMU München
June 29, 2023journal club B1
September 4, 2023flashlight talk B2
invited lecture t.b.a., host WWU
September 11, 2023journal club B2
September 18, 2023flashlight talk B3
invited lecture by Anna Huttenlocher (University of Wisconsin)
Title to be announced
MPI lecture hall
September 25, 2023 journal club B3
October 2, 2023 flashlight talk B4
invited lecture t.b.a., host: TUD
October 9, 2023journal club B4
October 16, 2023 flashlight talk B5
invited lecture by Mikala Egeblad (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)
Title to be announced
MPI lecture hall
October 23, 2023journal club B5
October 30, 2023flashlight talk C1
invited lecture t.b.a., host: WWU
November 6, 2023journal club C1
November 13, 2023 flashlight talk C2
invited lecture t.b.a., host: LMU
November 20, 2023journal club C2
November 27, 2023flashlight talk C3
invited lecture t.b.a., host: LMU
December 4, 2023journal club C3
December 11, 2023flashlight talk C5
invited lecture t.b.a., host: WWU/ISAS
December 18, 2023journal club C5
January 8, 2024flashlight talk C6
invited lecture t.b.a., host: UDE
January 15, 2024   journal club C6
January 22, 2024flashlight talk C7
invited lecture t.b.a., host: WWU
January 29, 2024journal club C7
February 5, 2024flashlight talk Z1
invited lecture t.b.a., host: WWU/UDE
February 12, 2024  journal club Z1
February 19, 2024flashlight talk INF
invited lecture t.b.a., host: WWU
February 26, 2024 journal club INF