Welcome to the workshop in 2022 on:

As the pandemic is ongoing and still has to be taken seriously, making concrete plans for an on-site meeting remains highly difficult. Considering the rapid progress in the field of reproductive genetics, we however feel that scientific exchange formats are needed more than ever. We therefore have decided to set up a workshop on the 'Genetic Landscape of Reproductive Health'! It implements a novel format in which recent advances in the genetics of reproduction will be presented and discussed in a condensed format of 4 hours, but still including components of a classical on-site workshop/congress such as main lectures, short presentations, and roundtable discussions. The audience comprises researchers from Europe and beyond. This highlight will be organised by the Clinical Research Unit (CRU) 'Male Germ Cells: from Genes to Function', which focus on different aspects of germ cell function e.g. from the genetics of male infertility to testicular organoids conducted by several institutions and financed by the German Research Foundation. For more information on our work please visit our website.

Renowned national as well as international experts have been invited, covering the underlying mechanisms of the changing genome and the impact of genetic alterations on germ cells, fertility and progeny health. Our workshop is free of any charges. Information concerning the registration process will follow shortly. We are highly looking forward to seeing you in November!



Thank you very much for attending our workshop. With more than 120 participants from all over the world we consider this workshop as a tremendous success. We started already thinking on a new workshop with a similar format but different topic.

See you in 2023!