Berlin | 20.03.2015



Geserick G (Berlin, Germany)



Schmeling A (Münster, Germany)

Analysis of the 13th proficiency test


Mayer F, Arent T, Ritz-Timme, S (Düsseldorf, Germany)

Age estimation based on pictures and videos: practical experiences


Arge S, Dyrgaard N, Lynnerup N (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Review of forensic age assessments performed in Denmark in 2012


Rudolf E (Attnang-Puchheim, Austria)

Examples of asylum related medical age assessment practice in EU-member states


Wittschieber D, Schulz R, Vieth V, Scharte P, Bajanowski T, Ramsthaler F, Püschel K, Pfeiffer H, Schmidt S, Schmeling A (Münster, Essen, Homburg, Hamburg, Germany)

The relevance of the imaging plane for the CT-based evaluation of clavicular ossification


De Tobel J, Hillewig E, Bogaert S, Deblaere K, Verstraete K (Ghent, Belgium)

Magnetic resonance imaging of the third molars: developing a protocol suitable for age estimation


Liversidge H (London, UK)

Tooth eruption and age estimation


Guo Y-C, Lin X-W, Zhang W-T, Yan C-X, Pan F, Yan T-L, Li J-P, Chen T, Schmeling A, Zhou H (Xi’an, China; Münster, Germany)

Chronology of third molar mineralization in a northern Chinese population


Tangmose S, Thevissen P, Lynnerup N, Willems G, Boldsen JL (Copenhagen, Odense, Denmark; Leuven, Belgium)

Transition analysis on third molar scores - a method for estimating age in the living?


Gelbrich B, Schwerdt S, Frerking C, Weiß S, Stellzig-Eisenhauer A, Tausche E, Gelbrich G (Leipzig, Würzburg, Dresden, Germany)

Different methods of forensic age estimation: how to combine them and calculate relevant probabilities?


Gelbrich G, Olze A, Lehmann M, Frerking C, Tausche E, Stellzig-Eisenhauer A, Schmeling A, Lessig R, Gelbrich B (Würzburg, Berlin, Münchenbernsdorf, Leipzig, Dresden, Münster, Halle, Germany)

Reasonable upper bounds of age in reference samples for age estimation


Lee J-Y (Seoul, South Korea)

A software program for the automatic calculation of the tooth-pulp volume ratio on the cone-beam computed tomogram


Timme M, Timme WH, Olze A, Pfeiffer H, Dettmeyer R, Schmeling A (Münster, Berlin, Gießen, Germany) [Abtract]

Dental age estimation after completion of third molar mineralization


Geserick G (Berlin, Germany)

Closing remarks