Institut für Physiologie II
Robert-Koch-Str. 27 b
T: 0251 / 83-56472

Curriculum vitae

I studied biology at the University of Florence, where I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Biological sciences and my Master's degree in Health biology. I spent 6 months for my University trainee at the Gynecological Department in the Department of Biomedical, Experimental and Clinical Sciences 'Mario Serio' of the University of Florence. My master's degree thesis was about the research of differentially expressed miRNA in case of endometrial cancer with PIK3CA mutations.
From February 2020 I'm a Ph.D. researcher part of the ChemBion program of the University of Münster and I joined professor Albrecht Schwab’s group at the Institute of Physiology II (WWU). My study is focused now on the role of the KCa3.1 channels in lung cancer chemo-resistance.