Institut für Physiologie II

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Curriculum vitae
After getting my diploma in chemistry I started my PhD 1994 in the Institute of Physiology working on blood coagulation factor IX supervised by Prof. Dr. R.E. Zimmermann.
My postdoctoral career begun 1997 in the same lab supervised by Prof. Dr. Hans Oberleithner. My interest is focused on the structure, function and dynamics of CFTR. For my research I established an „Atomic Force“-Mikroscopy lab to investigate biological membranes and the mechanical properties of living cells.
The other focus of my research interest is on the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. I was able to establish the transepithelial nasal potential difference meassurements (NPD) for diagnostics and teaching. Furthermore, I developed a blood-based method for the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis which is actually tested in a multicenter clinical trail.
Since 2009 I am “akademischer Oberrat” at the Institute of Physiology II.


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