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  • Curriculum vitae


    Dates (from – to) Since 01.01.2017
    Name and type of organisation The department of physiology I, Westfälische Wilhelms-University, Münster
    Type of qualification awarded Postdoc
    Dates (from – to) 2002-2007
    Name and type of organisation Ilia State University (Ilia Chavchavadze State University), Faculty of life sciences, Tbilisi, Georgia
    Type of qualification awarded M.Sc.


    Dates (from – to) 2011-2013
    Employer Ilia State University, Tengiz Oniani Laboratory of sleep-wakefulness studies, Tbilisi. Georgia
    Rank/Position held Laboratory Assistant
    Dates (from – to) 2009-2011
    Employer I.Beritashvili Institute of Physiology (I. Beritashvili Center of Experimental Biomedicine), Tbilisi, Georgia
    Rank/Position held Laboratory Assistant

    Research Grants Participation:

    2013-2014 DFG (BU 1019/11-1; BU1019/15-1; Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence; CRC128-B06).2011-2014   Swiss National Scientific foundation #IZ74Z0_137415– Knowledge based partnership for development of sleep medicine research platform and promotion of sleep science in Georgia

    2008 - 2010 Georgian National Scientific Foundation Grant  #STO-6/232  Influence of activation and inactivation of opioid receptors on the brain integrative activity in norm. and pathology. Scholarship   
    DAAD – 2013-2014 – Research Grant for Young Scientists 
  • Publications


    1. M. Zobeiri, R. Chaudhary, M. Datunashvili, R. J. Heuermann, A. Lüttjohann, V. Narayanan, S. Balfanz, P. Meuth, D. M. Chetkovich, H.-C. Pape, A. Baumann, G. van Luijtelaar, T. Budde (2017)
      Modulation of thalamocortical oscillations by TRIP8b, a brain-specific auxiliary subunits for HCN channels. Brain Structure & Function, [IF 2016: 4.698]
    2. Michael Leist, Susanne Rinné, Maia Datunashvili, Ania Aissaoui, Hans-Christian Pape, Niels Decher, Sven G. Meuth, Thomas Budde (2017)
      Acetylcholine-dependent upregulation of TASK-1 channels in thalamic interneurons by a smooth muscle-like signalling pathway. The Journal of Physiology. doi: 10.1113/JP274527.


    1. Michael Leist, Maia Datunashvilli, Tatyana Kanyshkova, Mehrnoush Zobeiri, Ania Aissaoui, Manuela Cerina, Maria Novella Romanelli, Hans-Christian Pape, Thomas Budde (2016)
      Two types of interneurons in the mouse lateral geniculate nucleus are characterized by different h-current density. Scientific Reports 6. doi:10.1038/srep24904.
    2. Irine Sakhelashvili, Marine Eliozishvili, Tamar Basishvili, Maia Datunashvili, Nikoloz Oniani, Katerina Cerneva, and Nato Darchia (2016)
      Sleep-wake patterns and sleep quality in urban gerogia. Transl Neurosci. 7(1) :62-70. doi: 10.1515/tnsci-2016-0010.