CRU326 workshop 'Genetic Landscape of Male Reproductive Health'

CRU326 workshop 'Genetic Landscape of Male Reproductive Health

As the pandemic is still ongoing we have decided to postpone the workshop to 2022. As soon as ascertainment is possible, further information will follow here.


Date: November 30 - December 2, 2022
Location: Hafenplatz 2, Münster

Sex chromosomes | Genetics of male infertility | The 3D architecture of the germ cell genome | Epigenetics of the reproductive lifespan | Transcriptional atlas of the testis | From genes to function | Disorders of sexual development | New technologies and Workshops

Program Organizing Comittee
Ki Aston, USA | Doug Carrell, USA | Don Conrad, USA | Jörg Gromoll, GER | Csilla Krausz, ITA | Maris Laan, EST | Moira O‘Bryan, AUS | Frank Tüttelmann, GER | Joris Veltman, UK 

Save the date! Further details will follow soon.

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