Workshop on 'Genetic Landscape of Male Reproductive Health'

It is a great pleasure to announce a workshop organised by our CRU326 on 


Date: December 2nd-4th 2021
Location: Hafenplatz 2, 48155 Münster

Key topics
Sex chromosomes | Genetics of male infertility | The 3D architecture of the germ cell genome | Epigenetics of the reproductive lifespan | Transcriptional atlas of the testis | From genes to function | Disorders of sexual development | New technologies and Workshops

Programme organising committee
Ki Aston, USA | Doug Carrell, USA | Don Conrad, USA | Jörg Gromoll, GER | Csilla Krausz, ITA | Maris Laan, EST | Moira O‘Bryan, AUS | Frank Tüttelmann, GER | Joris Veltman, UK 

Save the date! Further details will follow soon.