The equal opportunities office

The equal opportunities office is run on a voluntary basis by me, Dr. med. Maria Schubert, mother of 3 children (0, 4 and 7 years). I am being strongly supported by the CRU project manager Dr. rer. nat. Cristin Beumer, mother of 1 child (1 year) and her LabAid Nadja Rotte, M.Sc. . I was elected to this position by the members of the CRU326 in April 2018. Unti then, Dr. rer. nat. Theresa Groß-Thebing was holding this position.

As gender equality representative I am a member with veto rights of the Management Board. The equal opportunities office has its own budget, which is managed independently.

Due to my maternity leave, Dr. rer. nat. Cristin Beumer will be the 'Provisional Head of the Equal Opportunities Office' as she was working for the office right from the start of the CRU326. As a scientist, project manager and mother, she ideally fits this position.

Focus: fighting the leaky pipeline

'Indeed, study after study has confirmed that there is no development strategy more beneficial to society as a whole - women and men alike - than one which involves women as central players.'
- Kofi Annan, Secretary-General in address to 'Women 2000' UN - Special Session at 5th July 2000

Women make up the majority of the students at medical and life science departments throughout Germany. While the percentage of women is very high during studies, it already decreases significantly at the doctoral and postdoctoral career levels, culminating negatively at the level of professors. This phenomenon, the loss of the proportion of women at higher career levels towards executive/management positions, is called the leaky pipeline.

The DFG is firmly committed to equal opportunities and equal treatment of female and male scientists in the German science system. Therefore a balanced gender ratio in the science system and the compatibility of family and academic career are important. The development of gender equality measures is an integral part of the CRU326, it is intensively lived and expanded since the start of funding:

Besides the focus on women, we also support fathers (LabAids, babysitter costs). In the future, CRU members who take care for other close relatives can also apply for LabAids.

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