Offers at the WWU for female Researchers:

XXtra Science

This network offers to female researchers the opportunity for interaction and connectingwith other women in the science and medical fields. They warmly invite you to a casual get-together with interesting and diverse speakers. Guests start by introducing themselves, sharing their career journey and how they manage a fullfilling work-life balance. Afterwards, there is the opportunity to ask questions, to network and to learn about the options available for you to sustainably develop your career.

For more Information please contact Nadja Rotte (

Previous Events:
• 08.11.2018: PD Dr. rer. nat. Neuhaus, Dr. med. Schubert
• 10.12.2018: Prof. Dr. med. Jahnukainen, PD Dr. rer. nat. Nordhoff

Next Event:
• Summer 2020


Women in Science

Women in Science (WiS) is a network of female PhD students from CiM labs. WiS invites renowned female scientists from across the globe to Münster. Invited scientists present their work within the 'Pioneers in Cell Dynamics and Imaging' lecture series, and the network organises informal exchanges with the speakers to get insight into some of the prevalent challenges, discuss career decisions and offer guidance, especially for female scientists in-the-making. WiS encourages students from different disciplines to participate, growing the team further. Regular meetings take place on the first Wednesday of each month.

For more Information please send an email to


The university offers a mentoring program for female scientists to support their career towards a professorship up from post-doc level. The program provides mentoring, soft skill training and networking opportunities. Please find more information here (german only).

Ursula von Euch Stiftung

There is a special fellowship from the ''Ursula von Euch Stiftung'' at the university that supports the contribution and career of more female scientists with children in science. It is applicable to female PhD students, post-docs and scientists within the departments of biology, medicine etc. They provide financial support to manage childcare, household and scientific work. Please find more information here.