Achieving equal opportunities and gender equality is an important goal of the CRU.

Thus, a broad range of offers is available for our members (as well as CRU-associated colleagues). Explore them below!

CRU members who were already supported by the gender equality measures.
In the middle: Gender Equality Representative Dr. med. Maria Schubert.
On the very right side: Provisional Head of the Gender Equality Office Dr. Cristin Beumer.


1.)   Reimbursement of expenses spend for childcare during CRU events 

Who can apply? All parents (male/female) with working partners or lone parents with children which need to be taken care of. This is offered for CRU members AND for 'CRU-close' researchers that want to attend a CRU event.

What will be covered? Expenses spent for a babysitter/nanny/''Kinderfrau''

How to apply? Please fill out two forms:  a) „Antrag auf grundsätzliche Erstattung von Betreuungskosten aus externen Mitteln“ – to be filled out once a year and b) „Stundenweise Betreuung – Abrechnungsformular“ – this form can be completed every 2-3 months 'on the run', whenever childcare was necessary due to CRU events. Both forms have to be signed by the gender representative Dr. med. Maria Schubert.

The forms can be requested by sending an email to

2.)    LabAid support of up to 10h per week

Who can apply? All parents (male/female) with working partners or lone parents with children which need to be taken care of, pregnant women (also during ''Mutterschutz''), parents (male/female) in ''Elternzeit''. This is offered for CRU members AND for 'CRU-close' researchers contributing to projects of the CRU.

What will be covered? LabAid for 5h/week for 6 months (can be adapted individually, extension possible). Pregnant women: up to 10h/week if work with teratogenic substances is necessary; for the duration of pregnancy. LabAids can be ''Studentische Hilfskräfte'' (SHK), 'Students with Bachelor' (SHB) or ''Wissenschaftliche Hilfskräfte'' (WHK).

How and when to apply? Application form available on request. Decision will be made within meetings of the CRU Management Board (3-4 times a year). In urgent cases decisions will be made via email among the members.

3.)  Free participation of workshops

As part of the collaboration with the CiM cluster, you can register for a diverse range of scientific and soft skills workshops:

Please register with Ann-Christin Dietrich from CiM ( In addition, you can sign up for the Newsletter of CiM to stay updated on upcoming workshops:

4.)    Travel grants for female researchers

Who can apply? Female researchers.

In general: an abstract buys a ticket! In this case, travel costs are covered by the central CRU grant. If no presentation of the researcher is applicable (short time within the project, no results yet, conference without abstract submission), travel grants can be applied for.

What will be covered? Up to €1000 travel costs per person per conference.

How to apply? Informal application stating the conference/meeting/workshop and the scientific benefit for the female researcher. Please send your application in ADVANCE of the meeting to


Equal Opportunity Office

You can find the support and offers of the equal opportunity office at the WWU here.

Ursula von Euch Stiftung

There is a special fellowship from the 'Ursula von Euch Stiftung' at the university that supports the contribution and career of more female scientists with children. It is applicable to female PhD students, post-docs and scientists within the departments of biology, medicine, etc. Financial support to manage childcare, household and scientific work is provided by the fellowship. The last deadline has ended at March 31th, 2019. I will get in touch with the responsible person to be updated for next years applications, which will probably take place in March 2020. Please find more information here and here.


The university offers a mentoring program for female scientists up from post-doc level to support their career towards a professorship. The program provides mentoring, soft skill training and networking opportunities. Please find more information here.


As our 'Gender Equality Representative' Dr. med. Maria Schubert is in maternity leave, Dr. Cristin Beumer will be the 'Provisional Head of the Gender Equality Office' as she was of part of and was introduced to the respective measures and workflows from the beginning on. As a scientist, project manager and mother she ideally fits this position.

Please feel free to contact her via with your questions and ideas.