Achieving equal opportunities and gender equality is an important goal of our clinical research unit.

Thus, a broad range of offers is available for our members (as well as CRU-associated colleagues).
For detailed explanation of each measure, browse through our 'CRU326: Gender Equality' pages or feel free to send us an e-mail with your concrete questions or further ideas!

Women make up the majority of the students at medical and life science departments throughout Germany. While the percentage of women is very high during studies, it already decreases significantly at the doctoral and postdoctoral career levels, culminating negatively at the level of professors. This phenomenon, the loss of the proportion of women at higher career levels towards executive / management positions, is called the leaky pipeline.

The Clinical Research Unit 'Male Germ Cells' is not only focussing on highly qualitative research and finding novel causes for male infertility, but in parallel aims to reform gender equality standards in the field of biomedicine. With our measurments, equal opportunities should be reached at each step of individual scientific careers and all CRU members and CRU-associated colleagues should receive the support necessary for fullfilling their very best self. With this, we also want to close the gap of losing greatly qualified women at higher career levels. Besides, we further think equal opportunities should not remain exclusively on women and we therefore offer many of our supportive options to fathers and young male or non-binary researchers. Explore all of our measures in more detail on the following sites!

CRU members who were already supported by the gender equality measures.
In the middle: Gender Equality Representative Dr. med. Maria Schubert.
On the very right side: Provisional Head of the Gender Equality Office Dr. Cristin Beumer.


As our 'Gender Equality Representative' Dr. med. Maria Schubert is in maternity leave, Dr. Cristin Beumer will be the 'Provisional Head of the Gender Equality Office' as she was of part of and was introduced to the respective measures and workflows from the beginning on. As a scientist, project manager and mother she ideally fits this position.

Please feel free to contact her via with your questions and ideas.