Venue 'Genetic Landscape of Male Reproductive Health' - Above the roofs of the Münster harbour

The PSD Bank Westfalen-Lippe eG building, right beside the harbour, offers a stunning and extraordinary location for the 'Genetic Landscape of Male Reproductive Health' workshop 2021.

Easily accessible and with a state-of-the-art conference area on the top floor of the building, you can enjoy the fantastic view of our gorgeous city - Münster. As another highlight, the location includes an adjoining winter garden and a roof terrace, perfect for short breaks during the days!

Just get your own impression of this beautiful city and our congress location in the photo series below:


Arrival by plane

The most suitable airports near Münster are:
- Münster/Osnabrück (30 minutes by train)
- Düsseldorf International (90 minutes by train)
- Frankfurt International (3 hours by train)

Arrival by train

The PSD Bank building is only a ten minute walk from the main railway station or can easily be reached by bus (please see below).

Arrival by bus

Starting from the Münster main station: Arrival is possible every ten minutes with the lines 6, 8 and 17.
Get off at the ''Stadtwerke/Hafen'' stop. The bus stop is directly next to the bank building.


- Directly in front of the building (''Albersloher Weg'')
- Inner courtyard of the bank building (''Bernhardt-Ernst-Straße'')
- PSD port garage (''Bernhardt-Ernst-Straße'')


PSD Bank Westfalen-Lippe eG
Hafenplatz 2, 48155 Münster (North Rhine Westfalia)