Pawel Swietach (UOXF)

Acidity is generally considered to be damaging to tissues yet it is a hallmark of cancer.  We use a combination of fluorescence imaging, 2D and 3D culture/co-culture and mathematical modelling to explore how acidity (i.e. low pH) arises and is regulated in the tumour microenvironment, and how it exerts a signalling role on cellular processes, including those related to disease progression.  These scientific questions are challenging because acid/base balance is determined by a complex interplay between membrane transport, diffusion, buffering and metabolic production.


IonTraC project: Carbonic anhydrase function in relation to pH regulation


On the cover: Co-culture of colon HCT116 cancer cells with normal skin NHDF fibroblasts. /Red/, cSNARF1 excited at 555 nm. /Green/, green fluorescent protein (expressed in fibroblasts only) excited at 480 nm. The striking differences in intracellular carbonic anhydrase activity between these two cell types (high activity in cancer cell) can give rise to differences in coupling between CO2 partial pressure (/e.g./ blood flow) and pH-sensitive intracellular signaling. For details see the article by Hulikova /et al./, pages 25418–25430 <>.


Relevant publikations:


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